Apex Legends players saw a UFO in the sky over World’s Edge. The community is lost in guesswork to try to explain the origin of the three small static light points. A form of teasing for season 4 scheduled for February 4?

Image 1: Apex Legends: players spot UFOs

Until the release of Season 4 on February 4, Apex Legends has not yet revealed all of its secrets. Players have indeed seen a UFO in the sky of World’s Edge, the new zone introduced in season 3. On the r / ApexLore subreddit, a video and a screenshot show 3 small static luminous dots placed in a triangle which clearly remind us of the photos ofUFO which abound everywhere on the internet. As in the case of actual sightings of unidentified flying objects, the publications have not failed to spark the development of various theories, including the most outlandish.

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Theories to explain the origin of Apex Legends UFOs

The most skeptical players immediately questioned the veracity of the observations. For them, it would only be abouta buggy support pack that would get stuck in the sky. A theory that did not stand up to the evidence provided by the dataminator Shrugtal. He posted a screenshot showing the flying object and a treatment pack side by side. The lights emitted by the two objects are not in fact the same color and the same intensity.

Some players believe that this is a form of teasing for season 4 next month. The bright spots could announce the arrival of “Revenant”, the legend expected in the next season following his appearance in the limited event Shadowfall. Others link the appearance of the UFO with the new areas that the dataminator Shrugtal has recently discovered, notably the “Harvester” area. In the Titanfall universe, these are structures that extract resources from the ground and send them into space through a ray of light. Finally, the most logical explanation could simply be the introduction of a extraterrestrial theme for season 4.

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