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Odin Sphere will be (re) discover soon at Mana Books editions

Odin Sphere will be back in the manga, to let us see his story in a new way.

Odin Sphere is basically a video game developed on PlayStation 2 by the talented studio Vanillaware, and which had benefited from a fully dusted version on PlayStation 4 which allowed both to play the original version, and the remaster, leaving us so all the more appreciate the quality of the facelift operated on the game, both graphic and sound. In addition, as always with this studio, the artistic direction was to die for, offering a sumptuous design whose style has not aged over time.

More than a very beautiful game to watch, it is also a superb story, in which the tragic fate of five characters will be told to us, interspersed with very nervous phases of gameplay. But soon, this story will be brought to us by Mana Books, in the form of a manga series in three volumes, the first of which will be released on July 2, 2020. The plot, unlike the game, will not begin with the adventures of Gwendolyn, but with the fight of Mercedes, the queen of the fairies, who will try to save her kingdom, while the war rages there.

Finally, if history should therefore take up without surprise the events of the game, the unknown is on the side of the mangaka who took care of this adaptation and that we do not really know, and even less in our countries. It is Tomoyuki hino, who has to his credit only a manga adaptation of a famous Japanese SF novel, published by Pika editions in 2018. We will therefore have to judge from the play of this author’s adaptation talent, and we will be sure to make you a return, during the release next July.

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