Oddworld Collection test – Will Abe’s world bewitch us again?

Before starting the presentation ofOddworld Collection, and to understand all the enthusiasm caused by our dear Mudokon, it will be necessary to return to a date and a game. The year 1997 marks the arrival of a famous 2D platform game (at a time when 3D seemed gradually win), Abe’s Odyssey. So you played Abe from the Mudokon people and “employee” at RuptureFarms, one of the largest meat factories in the country. The use of quotation marks is necessary here since Abe and her people are in fact slaves of another species, the Glukons.

One evening, while Abe was practicing his job as a surface technician, he overheard a conversation from the directors of the company. Profits are plummeting and RuptureFarms is trying to get the factory back on its feet at all costs. To do this, during a project presentation that looks like a reunion worthy of the biggest villains, a new product is presented. Unfortunately the secret ingredient lies in the use of Abe’s similars. Panicked, he fled and so began the adventures of our favorite Mudokon!

Many years later Oddworld Collection is presented to us for the happiness of the fans, it is abouta compilation of three games, New’n Tasty the remake of Abe’s Odyssey, then comes Munch’s Odyssey and finally Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath.

( Test d’Oddworld Collection made on Switch via a version provided by the publisher)

New’n Tasty

It’s hard to miss the very first game that makes up theOddworld Collection, it is also the remake of The Odyssey of Abe released in 1997. The game allows us here to put ourselves in the shoes of Abe, vulgar Mudokon destined for the slaughterhouse. You will perfectly feel your condition as a slave since you will be totally vulnerable to the shots of the Slugs and you will not have any weapon to defend yourself, apart from the famous spellbinding ability which will allow you to possess certain enemies. The use of a 2D format remains pleasant here given the construction of the levels which themselves have a certain verticality.

This remake offers us some difficulties with jumps to perform, since you will need almost perfect timing to achieve them. Some levels will take the form of a ride on the back of Elum (a very nice creature who will allow you to climb it and who will help you cross certain chasms). We are dealing here with a rather demanding game which will make you die and try again many times (your tester got stuck on a particular passage for a good half an hour, for example).

Regarding the story of Abe itself, we will appreciate here this splendid satire of capitalism. Represented by Glukons entangled in their raincoats, cigar in mouth. In short, the very caricature of an unscrupulous business leader where only profits and profit count, regardless of the human or Mudokonian resources (in this case) put in place. Because here your goal will be very simple: to take shelter and according to your morality, you will have to try to save your people from the clutches of RuptureFarms. A different ending will await depending on the choices you make on your adventure.

Beyond the technical and scriptwriting aspects, Oddworld Collection must be part of your library. The first word that comes to mind when we talk about Abe and his odyssey, it’s nostalgia, the first steps taken on the PlayStation for example. This feeling of being invested with a primordial mission invades us from the start of the game since you have the heavy task of preventing the extinction of your species. Here are the few highlights concerning the very first title of this compilation.

Munch’s Odyssey

Regarding this second opus, the action takes place a few years later in the company of Abe again and again as well as another very nice little creature called Munch. He is also the last representative of his people, the Gabbits. By force of circumstances, he and Abe will be forced to cooperate to release the eggs called Gabbiar in the game, in an attempt to revive the decimated people of Munch from their ashes.

The following episode of this compilation is innovative since at the time it was developed in full-3D, a great first for the famous platformer! However, the use of the third dimension will not necessarily succeed in the game, since we end up with a title that has aged quite badly, and ESPECIALLY a camera that does as it pleases and that will earn you some rather difficult games as long as you have not tamed the beast.

This sequel fits directly into the Oddworldian universe as dark as it is filled with humor. Behind this odyssey, we can assume that there is a critique of animal experiments. You should also know that Munch is equipped with a sonar that will allow you to throw chestnuts at your enemies, and we also notice some differences between Abe and his sidekick. Where one seems nimble and quick, the other will be a bit heavy but able to attack enemies and it will have unparalleled swimming skills, which our Mudokon cannot boast of.

Again depending on the level of your karma, the end will be different, it’s up to you to make the best possible decisions to save our two heroes from tragic fates to say the least. If the first two episodes are found in a universe close to each other, the third and last opus ofOddworld Collection it is thousands of light years away from factories and the like.

The Stranger’s Fury

If there is one strange episode among this collection, it is this one. In contrast to its congeners in terms of atmosphere, we still find there this paw that allows us to identify the Stranger as part of the Oddworld biome. No more rescues in factories and make way for the great outdoors of the Wild West ! However strange is not negative here, on the contrary since this adventure stands out completely from its predecessors.

The game remains in 3D this time again and the developers seem to have learned from their mistakes since it is no longer the cross and the banner to control the camera. Great novelty this time with the possibility of switching (you have it don’t you?) between a third person view and an FPS view during shooting phases. Who says Far-West says exchange of fire and therefore weapons, and you will be provided with a range of ammunition all more wacky than the others, from bolamites to cute squirrels which will deceive the vigilance of your enemies!

This foray into the land of the western will allow you to play as the Stranger, a creature with a troubled past who will be entrusted with the task of a bounty hunter. System for the less nice since the wanted criminals will bring back more money to you when they are captured alive. A small negative point nevertheless tarnishes the picture, since all the dialogues are not translated into French. The main dialogues are, as for the more secondary dialogues you will have to trust your ears, anglophobes, run away poor fools!

To finish and give you the most objective feedback possible, Abe’s world is back in the game. Its dark and oppressive moods always hit the mark, although we agree that 2D seems more appropriate for this type of game, and the remake of Abe’s Exodus, Soulstorm, confirms this..

The only big negative points that we could detect in this compilation are the big camera problems in the second episode, with an adventure that has really aged badly compared to the remake and its brother. We would like to insist on these points since in the end there are only those who really come to tarnish the adventure. The lack of dubbing and translation in the third opus can be a barrier for some players, but in our opinion, this does not prevent the understanding of the adventure at all since all the main dialogues have their transcription.


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