October 29, 2020  21,805 read Peugeot e-208, let's not be more greedy Motor Magazine 47
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October 29, 2020 21,805 read Peugeot e-208, let’s not be more greedy Motor Magazine 47

Peugeot, which sold only diesel models, is now taking the lead in electric cars.. The first runner is a small hatchback 208. It is a fairly practical electric car that shows a certain presence in this busy city..
Written | only Picture | Jaehyuk Choi

Germany was the first country to invent an internal combustion engine,, France is the country that commercialized the car in earnest.. The first car race was also held in France, So International Automobile Federation(FIA)Also in France, not in the US or Germany. And such cars from France have evolved with both uniqueness and practicality.. The large displacement model did not appear properly due to tax regulations in France., It has been polished so that the family can use it..

So, French cars are getting quite popular in Europe, and among them, Peugeot has been building a position with sports and design at the same time.. However, it is true that it has not been very popular in Korea.. As gasoline engine sales were suspended for some time, there was no option other than diesel., The fire of the diesel gate caused by the German brand hit the Peugeot, which didn’t matter much.. They didn’t even achieve the goal of increasing the number of units sold..

The one Peugeot proposed this time is an electric car.. ‘If you choose a car, you choose the powertrain according to your taste.Develops a strategy, gasoline and diesel, Pursuing all electric motors. So, by next year, gasoline models will also be imported,, First, the electric car came in first. So I wanted to know what was different about Peugeot’s electric car.. Peugeot ramen pursuing extreme fuel economy and efficiency in diesel engines, Maybe electric cars are also pursuing such efficiency..

Cute lion with fangs exposed

In the meantime, there are quite a lot of times that Peugeot or Citroen have played against the Mini.. And although there are quite a few times when the mini has shown something special in design, I remember that Peugeot never showed anything special. Now a little bit later, The mini electric car has not yet arrived in Korea, but now at least Peugeot seems to be able to compete with the mini.. This is because the intensity of the design is so great.. 2010Peugeot’s design, which began to change in the 1980s, seems to be seeing its light only now..

Among them, the most prominentLion’s FangResembling LED Daytime running lights. New 508It has been revealed since its existence, but the body is small 208The vertically long canine teeth are exposed, and a different taste is felt.. It’s pretty cool even during the day, The fangs visible when the headlamps are not fully lit at dusk are quite attractive.. The grille that fills the front is arranged with a number of cubes in which the body colors are mixed based on black, which doubles the look..

Body length 4mIt’s very short because it’s just over, There’s a bit of slack in the bonnet and the roof is pretty low, so it doesn’t feel stuffy.. The wheelhouse looks a little cool around black 17There is an inch wheel for a sense of stability. The back was also attractively trimmed, The tail lamp that has moved the lion’s foot as it is, revealing its presence both day and nightInvisibleThere is no excuse. Part of the lion emblem is painted light green to reveal the electric chime..

The interior, centered on Peugeot’s unique eye cockpit, feels that it is gradually evolving as it embraces digital.. HUDThe instrument panel that makes it unnecessary to skip digital from the analog hands of the past 3D Evolved into an instrument panel. The most necessary information while driving is displayed in front of you, and the visibility is also quite excellent.. The small diameter steering wheel tastes like turning from side to side in corners.. The monitor of the center fascia is tilted toward the driver’s seat, so it is easy to see without looking too much..

Leather and fabric seats feel comfortable first.. Perhaps because of the size of the body and interior OneIf there are two adults in the row 2I think I can’t use heat, Actually, if you pull the passenger seat forward, it’s not enough 2Adults can be boarded in the row. Since the glove box side of the passenger seat is subtly dug, there is plenty of space for knees even when the chair is pulled.. Well, basically OneIt’s a car where it’s important to create the mood in the heat, and it’s pretty beautiful at night with the ambient light..

The fun of hatchbacks that live in the electric age

There is an illusion that an electric vehicle seems to be made quite simply by looking at its parts and composition.. e-208Electric motors and other powertrains are brought from Continental, Germany., The battery is assembled directly, but the cell LGChemistry or CATLI bring it from. Once you look at the specifications, the highest output is 136It’s pretty low in horsepower, and the battery capacity 50kWhSo it seems that there are people who will be disappointed by just the numbers. However, cars aren’t all numbers, you need to actually ride them..

If you only think about peak power and accelerate, you will be quite surprised. It’s because the car body starts off lightly, A fairly high torque is exerted on the small body, so it seems that other cars cannot easily catch up in the city center.. If you still feel disappointed in the normal driving mode, Starting in sport mode increases the available torque. High torque on small bodywork, And when the light acceleration is combined, driving fun is greatly improved.. Driving that I thought was just a movement becomes more fun.

I drove up to the speed limit in the city center and climbed the highway.. Common worries when riding an electric vehicleBattery drastically shrinking on the highwayI also wanted to test this point, about 30Running for more than a minute, it proved that the worries themselves were down.. The battery gauge displayed on the left side of the instrument panel seldom decreases.. Even though the highway is not blocked, and you are barely stepping on the speed limit..

Then it turned out that I forgot for a while. Peugeot is almost unique in terms of fuel economy.. Even when I was in contact with diesel engines, when running normally, the actual fuel economy was much better than the official fuel economy., That character is still there in electric cars.. Although the normal driving mode is in use, the power is not released from the right foot, and the air conditioner is also running.(?)Is so good. If this is enough, the city center can be easily conquered, 400 km I think it’s okay to run the distance.

People want electric cars for many reasons,, There are so many things that make you hesitate when it comes time to buy. If you think about too much mileage, the purchase price becomes expensive, Sometimes you only have to choose a box for movement without much fun.. If you don’t get out of town, And if you want to find the fun of driving alive even in the era of electric cars,? Peugeot e-208I think this could be one of those answers. I don’t need long words. Once you board, you will know.

Length×width×Height 4055×1745×1435mm | Wheel base 2540mm
Engine type Electric motor | Displacement | Output 136ps
Torque 26.5kg m | Transmission Oneonly | Driving method FWD
Combined power plant 24km/kWh | price 4590Ten thousand won(Before receiving grant)

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