October 29, 2020  18,767 read
				"I cannot change the car..." The car zoom of a previous class car brought in by Chairman Lee Kun-hee 44
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October 29, 2020 18,767 read "I cannot change the car…" The car zoom of a previous class car brought in by Chairman Lee Kun-hee 44

Animals die and leave their skins, and humans die and leave their names.. Masters who influenced one era are passed down and passed down through the times even after they die.. Last 25Work, Incense 78The same is true of Chairman Lee Kun-hee, who died at the age of three.. Chairman Lee Kun-hee, a big star in the business world, who made known the name of Korea to the world and contributed to the economic development, has been constantly in the mouths of people since his death..

Chairman Lee Kun-hee was named in the history of the domestic automobile market.. A masterpiece that will remain in the history of Korean automobiles by entering the domestic car market, which was the home of Hyundai Motors at the time., SM5Is showing. SM5Is a car that is still talked about by people because it is famous for being sturdy and without breakdowns based on Japanese technology.. A masterpiece of Samsung Motors, the predecessor of Renault Samsung, OneGeneration SM5Let’s learn more about.

At the time, automobile manufacturing technology department
Samsung, which was inexperienced,
Technical agreement with Nissan

SM5Is the old Samsung Motors’ mid-size sedan and the only model that has continued since the acquisition of Renault Samsung.. Samsung Motors 1998year, OneGeneration SM5By launching 3Total up to generation 2I went through full change of times. after 2019year 3Generation SM5It was discontinued and became a model no longer available in the market..

Samsung, who first entered the automotive market, is Hyundai, Compared to Kia Motors, it suffered from difficulties due to its extremely low technology and production experience. To overcome this, Samsung entered into a technical agreement with Nissan Motors, which was suffering from a lack of funds at the time, and inherited Japanese automobile technology..

Samsung Motors was founded after the technology agreement 3In a short time of years OneGeneration SM5Was able to mass-produce. The technology of Nissan Sephiro OneGeneration SM5Was made similar enough to be compatible with Sephiro parts.. In terms of durability and driving performance SM5Were actually treated as foreign cars..

OneGeneration SM5Is I4 SR20 From the engine V4, V6 Engine applied model, etc. 2,000ccfrom 3,000ccWas released in various trims. Maximum output is default 132horsepower, For high-end models 173It showed driving performance that even showed horsepower.. Transmission is manual 5only, Automatic 4Dan was combined.

To reduce the risk of latecomers
Has launched a wide range of trim

Then SM5Is 4Cylinder V4 With SR engine 1800cc ~ 2000cc Mid-size car market with sub-trim model, 6Cylinder V6 Engine 2,000cc ~ 2,500cc I tried to target the semi-large market as a model.. This was to increase competitiveness and quickly narrow the gap as a latecomer..

Then SM5Is affordable and reliable, Equipped with advanced convenience specifications compared to similar vehicles, it has secured its own competitiveness.. However, the Grandeur was released in the semi-large market at the time. XGRecognition, Class, In terms of stability, it was not an opponent, and sales in the medium-sized market were also sluggish compared to the Sonata..

Source_Bobae Dream

After the acquisition of Renault Samsung
Showed explosive sales

After release 2~3Which showed sluggish sales until the year SM5Started to shine because Samsung Motors was acquired by Renault. 2000From the year. Since the acquisition of Renault Samsung, it has been word of mouth for its robust durability and technology from Nissan. SM5Sales volume of the company started to increase exponentially..

In the days of Samsung Motors 2000year SM5 Sales per year Onejust There were only two thousand. But right after the acquisition of Renault Samsung 2001year, Sold during the year SM5Is 1010,000 units, compared to the previous year’s sales 10Showed more than double the growth.

Source_Bobae Dream

Even with torsion beam suspension
Realized a comfortable driving environment

SM5It is difficult to evaluate the driving comfort and safety of the car as the best of its time.. However, compared to comparable vehicles, it has created a sufficiently stable ride.. The torsion beam suspension used to reduce weight and cost in light vehicles and sub-medium vehicles is less stable than suspensions used in medium-sized or higher vehicles.

But OneGeneration SM5Is an evaluation that, despite the weakness of a torsion beam suspension, it realized a ride comfort suitable for a medium-sized car and set an example of a torsion beam vehicle.. Then SM5The overall length and width of the vehicle were narrower than those of similar vehicles.. Therefore, the torsion beam suspension, which was considered the limit even for semi-medium vehicles, is SM5It was able to implement stability while applying to.

Source_Yonhap News

Neglected in the industry
Efforts were made on the quality of the parts

not yet SM5To those who remember SM5If you ask about the merits of the product, you will come to terms with durable parts as your strengths.. Then SM5The balance or defect is rare I want to change my car, but I can’t.”, “There was even a saying that it cannot be found in the used car market..

This was the result of Chairman Lee Kun-hee’s attitude to target the automobile market.. Chairman Lee Kun-hee, when he first entered the automotive market, paid special attention to the quality of parts that were neglected in the industry at that time.. Because SM5Sonata was a competitive model at the same time, It was able to secure superior durability compared to the Granger..

Source_Dong-A Ilbo

Hard to find in a mid-sized vehicle
Showed quality

OneGeneration SM5Despite being a model ranging from medium to semi-large, it provided consumers with vehicles of comparable quality to the flagship.. This is of great significance in that it was the first attempt in the history of domestic automobiles.. This was the result of Chairman Lee Kun-hee’s intention in the early days of Samsung Motors’ establishment..

Recently, as news of frequent defects on domestic cars has been delivered, In the industry, the need for advanced country-type after-sales service is gradually emerging.. However, the auto parts quality and post-purchase service 2000Around the 1950s, Chairman Lee Kun-hee anticipated the need for advanced country-type after-sales service. As a result OneGeneration SM5Was able to secure superior durability compared to its class, and is still being talked about by people as an excellent car..

Source_Bobae Dream

Chairman Lee Kun-hee was a management guide Covet the small and lose the big. Judge what is bigLeft the word. When entering the automotive industry, OneGeneration SM5This is the attitude of Chairman Lee Kun-hee in the after-sales service of.

Currently, there are a lot of news about the defects of domestic cars.. In the midst of this, the death of Chairman Lee Kun-hee OneGeneration SM5Chairman Lee’s management attitude, reviewed and reviewed, makes me think a lot.. Chairman Eui-sun Eui, who was newly appointed as the chairman of Hyundai Motor Company, put quality management to the fore to restore consumer confidence.. The quality management they advocated as soon as possible SM5I hope that the same excellent car will be released on the market again..

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