NZXT H1 - A PC case reminiscent of Xbox Series X
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NZXT H1 – A PC case reminiscent of Xbox Series X

Hardware manufacturer Prolific PC – NZXT has launched a newest compact computer case called H1, and the first impression when Phong Vu sees NZXT H1, it looks very similar to the vertical design of the upcoming Xbox Series X from Microsoft.

The mini-ITX chassis has an upright design (but, unlike the Series X, it cannot be placed horizontally) and has a perforated ventilation design not on the top, but evenly distributed throughout. The body is on almost all its sides. This is the smallest chassis NZXT has ever produced and possesses some impressive designs that make the H1 assembly much easier than usual.

Included with the H1 case is a 650W 80 Plus Gold power adapter, as well as a 140mm liquid all-in-one cooling system. H1 is certainly not the first PC case to own these pre-installed parts, especially in the field of mini-ITX, but both of these components are the results of the test development effort. develop high-quality PSUs and a closed cooling system (an exclusive technology from NZXT).

It also features the familiar cable management system from the NZXT system, along with easily accessible compartments, so installation is relatively simple in just a few installs. Mini-ITX NZXT H1 is a compact case that is suitable for desktops and entertainment centers due to its “microprocessor” size, but usually requires trade-in cooling and cooling. installation is relatively complicated by the attached equipment must be true to a certain size can not be oversized. And now the NZXT H1, introduced by the firm’s introduction, will be the “key” to solve all previous heat curse of its predecessors.

NZXT H1 can now be purchased from NZXT’s website and costs $ 350.

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