NY memorable scenery-W 51st St & 6th Ave
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NY memorable scenery-W 51st St & 6th Ave

I love walking.

Basically I like walking in any city, but walking in New York is still exceptional.

I just walk on the road where the skyscrapers continue, but I am busy everyday and do not enjoy the scenery, but when walking, I raise my face a little higher than usual and observe the people walking, Gaze at the top of the building, stare at the signboards of the shops, stop at the shops and restaurants that interest you, peek at them, broaden your horizons, change your perspective, and make various discoveries. I like walking while walking.

In doing so, you can meet things that you never noticed on the road you always walk on, or the street corner you thought was nothing but seemed romantic like a movie scene you saw someday. . . I’m taking a walk and looking for “treasure” lurking in the city where my eyes meet.

For example, this photo to introduce this time. Address is northeast corner of W 51st St and 6th Ave. This scenery appears when you look at 6th Avenue south from this position.

Sixth Avenue extending to downtown and towering gray buildings. The sky looks long and thin from that time. On the left is the well-established “Radio City Music Hall” where you can clearly see the famous blue and red retro signs. The American flag flutters in front of it, and the yellow cab runs busy on the street.

I would like you to put this in the frame of the camera of your mind at a stretch and see it as if you had the shutter released. This is a spot where good old New York is gradually reviving.

大谷美沙子 (Misako Otani)

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