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NVIDIA RTX Super – "rumor" or new battle?

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NVIDIA has long been rumored to "populate" people when they unintentionally reveal some information about the all-new NVIDIA RTX Super range.

It seems like the pressure from AMD Navi GPUs with the AMD RX 5700 Series code has just been introduced by the "red team" at the recent E3, the "green giant" NVIDIA is releasing to launch the line. New products with attractive prices with names NVIDIA RTX Super.

In fact, given the fact that the RTX product lines using Turing architecture failed to achieve the expected success due to the high price and technology not so unique, there were rumors very soon that the company would reduce price of this product line to dominate the market of Next-gen graphics cards.

But a separate source from the wccftech site said that instead of "sparking" the price war with the "red team", NVIDIA will release the product line. NVIDIA RTX Super with higher performance now to compete directly for power.

Specifically, according to wccftech, NVIDIA will hold a product launch event on June 21 to launch the product line. NVIDIA RTX Super to welcome AMD Navi's "landings" on July 7.

Accordingly, the rear "Suffix" Super product lines are all "upgraded" with CUDA multipliers that are on par with the higher GPUs. For example, the RTX 2060 Super will have 8GB GDDR6 with 2176 CUDA cores, about the same level as RTX 2070, while the RTX 2070 Super will own up to 2560 CUDA cores, on the same level as the RTX 2080 but only for 8GB GDDR6 instead of 11GB like the current RTX 2080 .

Top of the line of processor chips NVIDIA RTX Super This is a completely new chip called the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Super with complete information not disclosed, while in the middle, it will launch a new product called NVIDIA RTX 2070 Ti Super to " "RX 5700XT is coming soon.

After the "NVIDIA RTX Super" products, "another rumor" also said that the current product line will be discounted to "acceptable" price, giving way to the Super series products at current prices. Specifically, RTX 2060 is likely to reduce to 249USD while RTX 2070 is only 349USD, very attractive in the mid-range – high-end segment.

Vietgame.asia will bring you the clearest images about the product in the shortest time.

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