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Nvidia is negotiating to buy ARM for $ 32 billion

According to the latest report from Bloomberg, Softbank is seeking to sell ARM – a chip design company headquartered in the UK, providing mobile processor design for Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung and Huawei. According to Bloomberg, Nvidia is currently in a “high-level negotiation” to be able to acquire ARM, with a contract value of more than $ 32 billion.

Nvidia is said to be the only company currently in talks with Softbank, so the deal is likely to be signed and announced in the next few weeks, even if nothing is finalized. If this deal becomes a reality, this will be one of the biggest deals in the semiconductor business.

Softbank bought ARM in 2016, for $ 31 billion. ARM has continued to increase in value since then, as chip designs are widely used in the smartphone industry. Even Microsoft created a Surface computer running Windows using an ARM chip, though with little success.

Recently, however, Apple also publicly expressed its ambition to convert Mac computers from Intel chips to ARM chips. Clearly shows the importance of ARM in the high-tech industry. But Softbank is facing a lot of difficulties, debt is piling up, so it must sell ARM during this peak period to consolidate finance.

Reference: theverge

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