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Numbering is not difficult, everyone can drive

I see some brothers and sisters who have difficulty riding the number car, the reason is not yet clear when the number is up, when the number is reduced, so either you or your sibling don't ride or run a scooter. Actually, it's easy to drive a car, I share some short experiences below for everyone to follow.

1. When to use which number?

Need to pull fast and strong, small number, need to go well, big number

This is how I think when I first learn to drive the car, and it still applies to all cases when I instruct to run the car afterwards.

Small numbers, such as numbers 1 and 2, will have the effect of pulling the car forward very quickly but strongly. You will use this small number when stopping the red light and start driving the car forward, or when running up the bridge, up the pass, up the mountain, run from the tunnel to the ground … These situations you need to If the towing capacity is large, the new car will be able to move forward quickly, not the car will run slowly and you will lose momentum when going on the slope.

My experience is that when you come near the red light, or when you need to stop, slow down, step back to number 1 or 2 to get ready. When the light turns green, you can pull the gas forward gently.

Similarly, when preparing to climb a bridge, go up a steep hill, you also slow down a bit to step up the gear, then simply turn on the scooter and the car will run up a good slope.

Depending on the vehicle and depending on the weight of the vehicle you are carrying, you can leave it to 1 or 2 if you need to pull hard to run forward. For example, when I run my car alone, it is enough to return to number 2, but when carrying more vehicles, I must go back to No. 1 to be strong enough to move from a stop to a moving state. Note that when you put a small number, remember to turn on the light scooter to avoid the collision with the person ahead (because your car will jump very quickly).

After the vehicle has left the red light and starts to settle, you will feel the car start to sound louder and have a slight shake / jerky, signaling that it is time to increase the number. At this point, pedal the number forward to increase the number to level 3, then run another segment to the number 4. At this time the car will run more stable and ready to operate on long distance.

There is also an N number on the car, which is the number to use when you stop the car and must be ready to park and when you need to take the car. When you park your car, you must always return the car to N before you get off.

2. Things to avoid when using a digital car

Leave the number too small to run the long distance

For example, if you put the number 1 and number 2 on the road, the car will be very uncomfortable, but when you reach a certain speed, the car will stop and you will have to level the number first to drive. next.

Let the big number climb the slope

When you leave your motorbike at 3 or 4, the steep climb and climb of the bridge will be very slow, affecting other traffic participants because they are running at high speed. Also, the high possibility that you can not climb the slope if the bridge or tunnel is quite high, then you will lose momentum and easily fall causing an accident not only for you but also for others. When climbing the slope you should leave the number 1 or number 2.

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Leave some big for every situation

I see many good people to put number 3 or number 4 for every convenient situation, without losing any more numbers, whether it's running smoothly or just starting to move from a stop state to a moving state. This I heard is very harmful to the car, running for a long time can damage the machine. If you know how it is broken, please comment to help me.

Do not transfer N again when parking

When you stop and park your car and you still park your car at 1, 2, 3, 4, there are 2 risks:

  • Next time you need to control the car, you don't remember that you are entering the number, revealing the engine, you will be hit by the vehicle ahead, touching other vehicles parked in the yard.
  • If the guard or the caretakers need to relocate your car, it will be more difficult because the vehicle is being numbered and cannot be carried. They have to re-number N to be able to move your car

Remember, when parking is complete, you must bring the car back to N (usually a green light on the clock face).

Duy Luân

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