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Konami returns to game development

Recently, on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Kellett, for the “next 50 years”, a large half-way recruitment including director, planning, planning, programming, music, and various types of designers (the Japanese factory mostly trains freshmen) .

There are several points worth paying attention to this recruitment:

-People develop games for home consoles and mobile devices, so at least do n’t worry about developing Pachin

-Art designer is quite lacking. The small items listed in this post include various positions ranging from artistic director to 2D, 3D, animation, original painting, background, characters and so on. Based on the previous positions and the nature of mid-term recruitment, this does not seem to be a supplement to the existing team, but to expand the new team

-In an additional requirement for recruiting planners, Kellogg’s specifically stated that mastering English or Chinese will be a bonus, and the Chinese market is attracting much attention.

(In recent years, Koromi has shown its intention to return to the game market in many ways. In the past, there was a mobile game with love, followed by a new Contra game, and then it re-registered the classic trademark “Thief Five Right Guards” and the development name. (For Solomon Project’s new RPG, and there are recent rumors overseas that Koramei plans to develop Silent Hill.)

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