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Notification signs are about time you need to upgrade your "mobile phone"

After a period of use, you will find your phone starts to degrade, no matter how good you take care of it. So how to know what is the best time to upgrade to a new "mobile phone"? In this article, Sforum.vn will help you identify the notification signs it is time you need to upgrade your smartphone.

Batteries are increasingly reducing the amount of time used

Battery life is always one of the top concerns of current users when they need to upgrade smartphones. Not only for smartphone batteries, this is a common problem for lithium-ion batteries on all devices.

The main reason for this is that time, the chemical components in the battery start to degrade, meaning that they will keep less and less charge. According to Battery University, smartphone batteries will be reduced to 73 to 84% of their initial capacity after 250 charging cycles, equivalent to about 1 year of use. Therefore, the battery may lose 1/5 or more of its ability to keep the energy charged. That's why you should avoid charging overnight and avoid unnecessary charging times.

So, instead of keeping the charger with you, you should think about upgrading to get a smartphone with a new battery. Or simply, you can use the battery repair service if you don't want to change the phone.

Usage performance is reduced too much

Using smartphones long enough, you will gradually feel the device slow down. No one wants to waste time waiting for smartphones to respond, which causes many unpleasant feelings for users.

There are many causes for this phenomenon, applications and software are increasingly new and more and more storage, more complex and require more efficient processing, more memory. The number of applications running in the background consumes too much resources, making the phone slower. The age of the device is also part of the cause.

So, if you do not want to use the device with this situation, you should buy and upgrade new smartphones stronger and smoother.

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Memory capacity is not enough

This is a problem that makes smartphone users extremely uncomfortable, especially those with 8GB or 16GB memory. Applications and games are increasingly improved, more quality and more sophisticated, they will consume more memory on the device.

After many attempts to free up space, this may not be enough and make you helpless, upgrade your new smartphone!

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Missing updates / outdated updates

This is one of the top concerns for old smartphone users. With each new version of iOS or Android, phone companies like Apple, Xiaomi, … always add new features that old phones cannot handle. This problem often occurs on devices using the Android operating system because manufacturers only focus on supporting high-end and high-end devices, leaving low-cost devices even mid-range.

In addition, security issues on older product lines will no longer be noticed by publishers, resulting in no security updates being released, even if major upgrades must be part of the plan.

The smartphone running the old version will make your experience limited, the devices function asynchronously, the application is incompatible and importantly, the security will get worse. So, if you are worried about your phone being outdated, not receiving updates, and wanting to experience new features and applications in the best way, you should upgrade your smartphone. new.

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Applications often stop abruptly

This is also the problem that makes older smartphone users feel the most frustrated. After a long time of use, it is inevitable that frequent application stops suddenly. However, phones are not always the cause of the problem because sometimes, an application that is faulty or not well designed will cause problems. In other cases, phone compatibility may be the problem. For example, some applications can only run on the most modern phone version.

If you find that your smartphone apps often stop working anytime, anywhere, then your device may become "too old", resulting in insufficient resources available, applications will stop working. Therefore, upgrading smartphones is essential, important to overcome this problem.

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Camera becomes poor quality

Camera is always the most used function on smartphones due to the need to take photos, record videos to save memorable moments of users. Therefore, having a high quality camera on a smartphone is essential for users with the most normal shooting needs.

There is very little that can be done to improve image quality if your camera is too poor. Photo editing applications can help optimize images, but they cannot improve the resolution of those photos. In addition, only a small scratch will reduce the quality of the photo or video, especially with the device that has been used for a long time.

So shop for yourself a new smartphone, especially modern smartphones today have features and quality that are much superior to solve this problem!

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Effects during use

Nothing is forever. After a period of use, you will not be able to avoid the case of dropping, bumping causing your smartphone to be broken, the button is broken, scratched, even broken screen can lead to paralysis of touch.

Damage, whether for a long time or immediately, will somewhat limit the effectiveness of the phone. If in a bad day you have "accidentally" made your smartphone damaged, then, depending on the light weight, you will have to spend a lot of money to repair, the cost may be 1 / 2 initial values ​​of the machine or even 3/4 of the value. New smartphone upgrades are a better idea than ever.

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The above are the warning signs that it's time you need to upgrade your "mobile phone". Don't forget to share it with friends and relatives!

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