Note 9 discounted VND 3 million in Vietnam when the Note 10 identified the launch date

Note 9 discounted VND 3 million in Vietnam when the Note 10 identified the launch date

Big retailers have lowered the price of Galaxy Note 10 (128GB version) from 22.99 million to 19.99 million dong, which is reduced to 3 million dong. The price reduction Note 9 takes place in the context of Samsung has fixed the launch date of Note 10 globally on August 7.

Galaxy Note 9 when introduced in Vietnam – Photo: Hai Dang

The Galaxy Note 9 memory version of 128GB holds a good price when there is no change in price since its launch in August 2018. Recently, the machine has reduced the price according to the promotion time of retail chains, and returned to the old price of VND 22.99 million until recently.

Normally, when new smartphones are coming soon, the previous model must be discounted. In this case, the Note 9 dropped 3 million VND when sure the Note 10 will be introduced in Vietnam in the following month.

Launched more than a year ago, Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung's first smartphone that integrates the feature of optimizing the scene (Scene Optimizer) into the camera – others called AI (Artificial Intelligence) – to refine Photos in specific situations for better photos.

This feature is then put on high-end A-series machines, and current S-series machines.

Besides, Note 9 is also improved in S-Pen pen. The new S-Pen is integrated with Bluetooth and a control button on it, used to take pictures or control music.

This year, in the official image from the invitation sent by Samsung, the S-Pen is still used as the main highlight. Therefore the possibility of this signature pen will continue to be improved. A smartphone with an attached pen is the only feature that only Samsung, namely the Note line, has.

Official image of the Note 10 launch event.

According to online leaked images, the Note 10's front camera is placed in the center of the device, which is a small dot inside the screen. This design is similar to the camera on the S10 launched earlier, except that the S10 camera is set to one side.

Maybe Note 10 will follow this design.

Note 10 launches will be fans expect quite large when the machine does not change much about the design in recent years. The movement of the selfie camera hidden inside the camera body for a non-defective screen has also increased while Samsung has not had a similar design.


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