Not wanting to commit suicide, Germany seeks to complete Nord Stream 2

Not wanting to commit suicide, Germany seeks to complete Nord Stream 2

(International relations) – Recently, the one state government in Germany has encouraged the creation of funds to avoid US sanctions on the project “Northern Flow 2”.

The German state government protects Nord Stream 2

According to German media, the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Parliament initiated the establishment of the Regional Climate and Environment Fund to protect the construction of a Russian-German gas pipeline called “Northern Flow 2. ”(Nord Stream 2) – Bild reported.

The German newspaper explained, the organization’s main goal is to provide state protection against US sanctions on businesses involved in the construction of the “Northern Flow 2” pipeline.

Accordingly, in order to protect the companies from US sanctions, the administration of Prime Minister Manuela Schwezig of the state of Manuela Schwezig introduced measures “to support the continued work on the” Northern flow 2 “pipeline.

Politicians also explain what financial sources the fund will be formed. Accordingly, the Federation will invest € 200,000, while the Swiss company will invest € 20 million in the fund for the project Nord Stream 2.

That is, the German fund will be financed by 1% by Germany itself and 99% by Russia, because the operating group “Nord Stream 2 AG” receives money from the Russian group Gazprom.

In addition, the Swiss company says that, after the pipeline’s launch, they are ready to provide financial support to the organization every year.

Thus, if “Northern Flow 2” overcomes the US sanctions, brings Russia huge revenue from the sale of green fuels, Russia will continue to pay for “climate protection. In Germany”; As such, Germany will also benefit greatly from the project.

There are also doubts that such a fund would not violate the EU’s competition laws. An anonymous source told Bild that there were grounds to verify this decision and make a statement.

At the same time, the organization founded by Schwesig is also criticized by many international organizations dedicated to protecting climate and the environment, especially Deutsche Umwelthilfe and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). However, objections from these organizations will have no legal impact on the project’s completion.

According to analysts, not only the federal government in Berlin but the state governments are also very supportive of the completion of this project, because it will bring too many benefits to their country.

Not looking forward to being saturated, Duc has completed Nord Stream 2
Completing the Nord Stream 2 project with Russia also brings great benefits to Germany

Abandoning “Northern Flow-2” is suicide

Recently, German House of Representatives MP Waldemar Gerdt called the abandonment of Russia’s “Northern Flow-2” project amid the gradual closure of German nuclear power plants as “an act of suicide” and is “nonsense”.

The “abandonment of the” Northern Flow-2 “is just suicide. The lack of energy is enormous, because even the” Northern Flow-2 “will not fulfill Germany’s energy needs. Can you imagine what would happen if we hadn’t started it up yet? ” – Gerdt explained.

German politicians said that the Berlin government’s elimination of nuclear energy is also a serious problem for the country. According to the congressman, the decision to shut down the nuclear power plant was made “on the basis of green hysteria”, not stemming from the reality of the country, when alternatives were not available, or were being prevented. block out.

Mr. Gerdt also expressed confidence that, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will be completed regardless of the reaction of the old or new US administration.

“Regardless of the situation in the US, one thing that unites it all is the undesirable situation for Russia and Germany. The two sides have established a very strong, business-oriented, relationship. Consequently, “Northern Flow-2” will be fulfilled regardless of the policies of the old or new administration in the US “- concluded Gerdt.

According to this politician, due to the situation of the energy market, the German government “has no other choice” but to support the Russian project. In addition, Gerdt said, the issue of bringing construction to the end would be a “serious test” of sovereignty in Berlin’s decisions.

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