Not the iPhone XR or iPhone 11, but the iPhone 7 Plus is the best selling iPhone in Mobile World

Not the iPhone XR or iPhone 11, but the iPhone 7 Plus is the best selling iPhone in Mobile World

Not the iPhone XR or iPhone 11, but the iPhone 7 Plus is the best selling iPhone in Mobile World

Nguyen Duy Linh

10 hours ago
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iPhone 7 Plus has remained at the top of the sales list for a long time

Since its launch, the iPhone 7 Plus has always been interested and has very good sales, though it has almost passed the 4th year of life. Even the last 2 years when the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 have bombarded worldwide iPhone sales, but in Mobile World the number one position in iPhone sales is still iPhone 7 Plus.

Currently, the iPhone 7 Plus is still sold at a genuine price of over 10 million, which is an unbelievable price for a 4-year-old flagship. So why is an iPhone released in 2016, retaining the heat despite the changes in the phone market.

Let’s review the pros and cons of iPhone 7 Plus

The metal design on the iPhone 7 Plus still has certain advantages compared to the new metal + glass design

In fact, the strengths of iPhone 7 Plus can only be considered superior in the time it launches and shortly thereafter. Because the current numbers of configuration, actual performance, battery life or the camera are all over the limit.

But that’s just a theory, because Apple’s optimization is no joke, the expression of the iPhone 7 Plus at the present time still meets the requirements of handling Facebook, Messenger or Safari applications. Particularly the gaming ability of iPhone 7 Plus is no longer strong but relatively meet the needs of users who are not too hardcore.

The launch for so long has made the iPhone 7 Plus almost missing all the design trends, new features of the present. From too long bezels, old screen ratios to the lack of wide-angle lenses or new advanced shooting features.

But the point that makes the iPhone 7 Plus still popular with the user in the metal design is definitely something that today’s flagships no longer use or the convenient Touch ID home button. Or in some ways, the replacement and repair of iPhone 7 Plus is still easier than other flagships of the time.

The reason iPhone 7 Plus is always in the top selling

Experience iOS on older iPhones is not much different from the ‘rabbit ears’ iPhones

There are many reasons to say because the iPhone 7 plus is always on the top of the sales list. But first we always have to mention its price, the longevity also makes the price of the iPhone 7 Plus much better than the new iPhone models but still ensures the perfect IOS experience, still has the logo. divine apple.

Besides, there are many users who prefer a seamless metal design and offer more durability than the metal frame glass design on today’s flagships, even newer iPhones. Or the thick bezel on the wide screen still works better for them than the extended screen but comes with defects.

The long-term support also makes the iPhone user select, although most users just do not care about what the new iOS update is, useful or not, but only need to hear support for up to 5 years, who but not like compared to 2.3 years on Android devices.

It is expected that the iPhone 7 Plus will officially receive the final iOS version until next year, maybe it will climb the sales chart in Vietnam for another year. What do you think about the success of iPhone 7 Plus in Vietnam market? Leave your comments below!

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