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Not sure why the Apple Pro Display XDR display stand is priced at $ 999?

Right. Who lives selling a PC monitor that doesn't stand on its own, and sells it off the stand vs the price of a fifth of the screen. It is even more compelling than cutting 3.5mm jack to buy Airpods for 1/5 iPhone. How cruel!

Not to mention, I do not understand how Apple brought this event to work? To prove they are fried noodles are launched mi 9, then there are more reluctant guests are Huawei P30 pro and iPhone Xs Max reasonable? This guest seems a bit ugly and rich.

Many people give reasons that are not right. Instead of proving the validity of the number 999, they turned out to say the case needed and didn't need to buy more stands, avoiding the problem. The question that the fat Mod questions here is: "why is 999 not 799, 599, 499, …?" but

Duy Luân

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