Sforum - Latest technology information page Night-Vision-Feature Not only to measure the distance to remove fonts, 3D ToF camera also has the ability to see

Not only to measure the distance to remove fonts, 3D ToF camera also has the ability to see "through the night"

Currently, there are a lot of smartphones on the market that have been equipped with 3D ToF sensors but most of them are only used to increase the ability to take photos off the font.

However, a member of the XDA Developers forum recently discovered an application that can help the ToF camera develop its true power: see through the night.

It is known that at the present time due to technology limitations, manufacturers usually only integrate ToF cameras for smartphones to read the depth data of the surroundings, thereby improving the quality of the photo deletion. However, with the Night Vision app, users will have a night vision camera right next to them.

Specifically, this application will allow you to see everything around in the night. This is because Night Vision will use the ToF camera to create a 3D map of your room and even in the dark room, you can still see the details inside. Unfortunately, this application only works on smartphones that support Camera2 API such as Huawei P30 Pro and Honor View 20. Therefore, the Galaxy S10 5G and another phone number even if the ToF camera is not available.

Another great app to use the camea ToF and add AR technology to let you interact in the real world with 3D cubes, see real-life objects like Minecraft blocks or view each 3D plane as a picture. purple wall. However, the free version only allows you to try it, if you want to use it always have to buy at a high price of 100 USD.

Hopefully in the future, the ToF camera will be more focused by manufacturers because this is one of the very interesting sensors available on smartphones.

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