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Not only the postal service car, but also the catering industry, e-VERYCA Lingli Catering Car Green can hit the road!


Zhonghua e-VERYCA is the cheapest electric car in Taiwan and the only commercial electric car. Since its official launch, it has sold nearly 100 units. Not just public agencies, this time even the No. 1 dim sum service brand “Papa Go Gourmet Workshop” has also purchased two additional e-VERYCAs through the “Car and Electricity Separation Lease Plan”, which not only effectively improves the driver’s need to wait for food delivery. Speed ​​issues, the zero-emission characteristics of electric vehicles can reduce the damage to the environment.

Gourmet workshop e-VERYCA Lingli catering car green energy on the road.

From family management to small and medium-sized enterprises with revenue exceeding 100 million yuan, the No. 1 dim sum service brand “Papazou Gourmet Workshop” was formerly known as “Century Pastry Bakery” in Taipei Mansion for more than 30 years. It was launched in 2004. With the time-honored gold-letter sign, the owner Zhang Jianhong took the family business to transform and develop towards West Point. In the beginning, it started from a bakery, and now it has 18 catering trucks under the umbrella of the “Papa Go Food Workshop” that has delivery areas all over northern Taiwan. Every car and every driver has 18 martial arts. Food delivery, meal display, and cooking instructions are all done in one hand. The 70-year-old boss Zhang Jianhong said that the company started from buying second-hand Lingli. Lingli is our best partner. In recent years, the number of cars has grown year by year with revenue. Last year, we also used The “Proposal” purchased two Lingli electric vehicles, which became the company’s new force for delivery.

The e-VERYCA indoor stackable and flexible cargo space can also assist various needs of catering orders.

The “separated car and electricity lease plan” saves a lot, and the cost of Lingli tram and petrol car is double

The e-VERYCA Lingli electric car uses Samsung SDI batteries of the same grade as BMW, and the mileage is sufficient to provide the delivery area of ​​the “Gourmet Workshop”. The driver goes out to deliver meals in the morning, and can be easily charged through the wall-mounted charger in the evening. The need for walking. “Papa Go Gourmet Workshop” owns 18 Lingli. Zhang Jianhong said frankly that the cost of vehicle management is one of the company’s big expenditure items. In terms of gas trucks, the basic fuel cost and the twice-a-year maintenance cost are per vehicle. The cost is about 58,000 yuan/year. However, through the “Vehicle and Electricity Separation Lease Plan” of Lingli electric vehicles, the monthly battery rental fee for the first 8 years of electric vehicles is 2,899 yuan (monthly rental fee will be reduced to 1,899 yuan after the 8th year) ), the cost of each electric car is reduced to 34,788 yuan/year, which is really a very cost-effective choice for budget-conscious companies. In addition, the average age of the company’s drivers is around 40 years old, and the characteristics of electric vehicles are equivalent to automatic vehicles, which also solves the problem that young people generally do not drive manual vehicles.

The e-VERYCA Lingli electric car uses Samsung SDI batteries of the same grade as BMW, which can be easily charged through a wall-mounted charger.

e-VERYCA has flexible cargo space, and the load can better meet the needs of diversified food delivery

Different from the electric postal vehicle delivery model, the “Fall and Go Food Workshop” serves customers in a dedicated car-to-point manner. During the busy peak period, there was a record of 18 cars moving. Calculated on the basis of a delivery meal for 50 people, the number of dishes is about 15-20. Therefore, the cargo space in the compartment is also an important consideration for caterers. The e-VERYCA Lingli electric car compartment uses two persons. The wagon design, the high torque output produced by the pure electric drive, can meet the carrying capacity of more than 400 kilograms of cargo, and the stackable flexible cargo space in the compartment can also assist various needs of catering orders. In addition, Zhang Jianhong also appreciates Lingli’s ergonomic height design, which makes it easier for drivers to load and unload goods.

Zhonghua Lingli’s ergonomic vehicle height design makes it easier for drivers to load and unload goods.

Lingli Electric Cars and Papago Food Workshop will usher in the post-epidemic era together!

With the development of Taiwan’s economy, Zhonghua Lingli has accompanied many small and medium-sized enterprises through the crisis and transformation. After retiring from the military, Zhang Jianhong, who participated in the operation of the “Century West Point Bakery”, has followed the family business through the Internet bubble, SARS epidemic, financial tsunami, etc. Crisis, with the advent of the post-epidemic era, before the overall economic environment changes, the business model of business must also change, just like the conversion of petrol-electric vehicles, you must learn and adapt to the differences brought by new technologies. Zhang Jianhong of Electric Cars and TESLA said with a smile: “It’s like driving an electric car. After driving, you will find that you can’t go back.”

Papago Gourmet Workshop owns 18 Lingli, the owner Zhang Jianhong has purchased 2 e-VERYCA successively through the car-electric separation leasing scheme.

In order to encourage more small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt e-VERYCA, the brand new price is 879,000 yuan (after deducting the excise tax subsidy). You can buy a car from now and get a free installation and on-board charger within 20 meters, so you can charge with peace of mind . In addition, you can also purchase a new car through the “Car and Electricity Separation Lease Program”. The car body price is only 526,000 yuan (after deducting the goods tax subsidy), and an additional 2,899 yuan battery rental fee per month can be used for the Zhonghua Lingli e-VERYCA Drive home.

Papa Go Gourmet Workshop has a reputation for being punctual, and the e-VERYCA Lingli Catering Car will deliver the food to the point.



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