Not only the number, the smartphone owns Quad-Camera will really cause "storm" - VnReview

Not only the number, the smartphone owns Quad-Camera will really cause "storm" – VnReview

Smartphone cameras have been a breakthrough in recent years and almost reached the limit of the image quality on a single lens. To solve this problem, manufacturers have taken a different approach – increasing the number of sensors on the device.

Starting from dual camera clusters in previous years, the trend of 2019 will be quad-camera (4 sensors for a camera cluster). And Realme will follow this path, bringing quad-cameras closer to consumers through its mid-range product line with high-end features.

Why is quad-camera needed?

Having 4 cameras will give the phone many new shooting possibilities, such as: clearer zoom, better HDR processing capability, shimmering portraits, 3D viewing or working in low light conditions. At the same time, this will also bring great technological challenges such as the arrangement of hardware or software that harmoniously combine the lenses.

Each company has a different camera system design, but the general idea is to provide versatile performance for the machine. In addition, parameters of each sensor, such as aperture, angle, optical zoom, anti-shake … also vary and decide … the price of the device. With a dedicated camera, you can use the lens for different needs. But users use smartphones because of their convenience and speed, so combining different lenses on the same device is the optimal solution for users. In particular, in some situations, we need a telephoto lens (to zoom) or a wide angle (wide lens) to capture landscapes.

The first smartphone in the world to have 4 cameras launched by Samsung in 2018, the Galaxy A9, falls into the high-end segment. Cluster of 4 cameras of the machine includes depth measuring lens, zoom lens, wide angle lens and normal lens.

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) owns the first 4 cameras on the market.

Quad-camera: not just a quantity

When equipped with multiple cameras on one device, the user receives in addition to the flexibility to use, meet many photographic needs or photos as desired, there are improvements in technology and technology. .

The duo Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro have a powerful and outstanding set of 4 cameras.

Typically, the zooming capacity is improved thanks to the integration of advanced anti-vibration systems and advanced optical zoom capabilities. Or the more detailed depth measurement makes portrait photos sharper and more depth. Photos taken from wide-angle lenses are often angled and have not been corrected.

However, the Realme 5 and 5 Pro duo just launched late last month, showing that the combination of hardware and software of wide-angle lenses has been much more stable when the dual algorithms and tuning solutions Realme's distortion will reduce the possibility of image distortion when shooting with wide-angle camera and will satisfy landscape photography professionals on smartphones.

On demand in photography, users will need to shoot: landscapes, portraits, objects, groups of friends, shoot nights and need a sufficient image quality to "post-process" a bit. But users cannot change lenses on smartphones as simply as for cameras. Therefore, having all such lenses on the same smartphone will help users more diverse operations without sacrificing image quality.

For example, without a telephoto lens, users would have to use digital zoom, and no longer retain the detail and color fidelity, due to the phone's standard zoom algorithm.

However, simply putting multiple cameras on one phone is too simple. The combination of lenses and software support will help users take better pictures. The quad-camera cluster on Realme 5 series is introduced with many impressive parameters in both hardware and software, promising to bring a great photography experience for users.

The second half of 2019 is the time for the quad-camera boom. Realme has quickly caught up with this trend and the duo Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro and an unprecedentedly interesting photography experience, at an affordable price, are products to own in the near future.

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