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Not only does it prohibit Huawei, every 5G Chinese device may not be used in the US

It seems that the US government is extremely serious about preventing the major telecom operators in this country away from the 5G telecom network infrastructure equipment made in China, not just Huawei. According to the Wall Street Journal's own source, President Trump's administration is considering every 5G device used by US telecom carriers will have to be designed and manufactured in other countries in China. This means that US officials may require service providers in this country to buy or produce equipment in other countries.

The source said, the dialogue to come to this decision is still in the early stages, there is no certainty. However, it must be repeated, by October, there will be a law specifying the ordinance that President Trump signed on May 15, and then we will have the most accurate answer. From now until October, there are only over 3 months left, and if rumors of US network operators are not allowed to use 5G-made devices in China, not only carriers will be in trouble and will delay the implementation of 5G, but Even US telecom equipment manufacturers that have production lines in China such as Cisco will face major obstacles.

At the present time, some equipment manufacturers such as Ericsson or Nokia have been bringing their production lines out of China to avoid the 25% tax rate that the Trump administration imposed on products imported from the land. billion people.


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