Not only does it have bad sound and fast battery life, AirPods are easy to lose - VnReview

Not only does it have bad sound and fast battery life, AirPods are easy to lose – VnReview

AirPods are rated as the best headphones to match the Apple ecosystem. However, customers will have to trade for that superlative convenience. One of the main drawbacks is that it's so easy to lose.

There will be many who oppose that Apple deliberately designed AirPods to fall out, only to force you to buy a new pair instead. However, that vague "conspiracy theory" seems to mention the prevailing situation in the United States. AirPods were a very successful product under the Tim Cook era, which helped the wearable device revenue grow tremendously. Therefore, it is currently the best selling true wireless headset in the world, you can easily see on the road more than any product of Bose, Sony or Samsung.

And dropping AirPods somewhere happens like a meal, just like the popularity of this headset model. If you accidentally dropped it, you can use your iPhone to locate it, but getting back is not a completely different matter. Many were discouraged, while some were very determined. For example, in the case of Anna Madison, she created a tool to "rescue" her AirPods, because she simply did not want to pay $ 69 for a replacement from Apple.

This has happened like dinner

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) had to issue a warning to its customers, after more and more AirPods were discovered to fall on their transportation systems. An MTA supervisor said that AirPods are very compact, which makes them more likely to be stuck in hidden corners on the subway tracks. In a recent day, track maintenance supervisor Steven Dluginski said he received a request to find 18 lost objects, up to 6 cases were AirPods. His team had to use a specialized device to pick up the headphones, which is fortunate because the white color makes the AirPods easy to recognize.

AirPods may fall off without your knowledge, as they will feel like they are not worn. WSJ notes that you should report it to your supervisor as soon as it detects a loss, before anything worse happens. MTA is also considering offering a service that reminds customers not to wear or remove AirPods when traveling down here.

Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster once predicted that AirPods sales will reach 78 million units this year. One of the reasons for sales is because they are easy to lose, many don't even remember when and where they dropped it. So the number found and recoverable may be even smaller. AirPods are successful in terms of sales, obviously, providing a seamless experience in the Apple ecosystem that is also undeniable. However, it also exists many problems.

AirPods have merit and not innocent!

Caroline Haskins of Vice has shared an extreme personal view. Frankly criticizing this product is a problem because it cannot be repaired, fast-charging, easy to lose, … Forcing users to buy new non-stop when the headset is no longer as good as the first days. . And of course, these negative environmental and customer consequences have no effect on Apple, the company just went on stage bragging about the popularity of AirPods.

Medium has also posted an article about the disadvantages of the earbud design that AirPods are using. This type of warning is increasing the risk of damage to the user's hearing. When they tend to wear AirPods anytime, anywhere, their poor soundproofing makes the AirPods (and earbud headphones in general) unable to block environmental noise. The general trend is to increase the volume for better hearing, accidentally exceeding the safety threshold for hearing. In the long run and loud sound intensity, this is really harmful to health.

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