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Not only Apple, will one more company launch the smartphone market 5G next year

If there were 1 month in a row that was used in the mobile industry, it was 5G. It even surpasses both from AI.

Although many smartphone manufacturers have launched 5G devices, some major brands still wait until next year, such as Apple. Apple House is expected to launch iPhone 5G next year.

This time is also true for Meizu. The Chinese company shared in early April that it is working on a 5G smartphone prototype, which could be called the Meizu 17 and will take some inspiration from the Meizu Zero portless smartphone. However, the Meizu Zero was unable to continue to grow as the community fundraising process failed.

According to the route revealed by Chinese sources, the first Meizu 5G smartphone will be released in the second quarter of next year, which is from April to June 2020.

Until then, hopefully more tests will happen to ensure that the Meizu 5G smartphone will work well. However, this product will mainly be available in China because it is the main market of Meizu.

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