Not Hong Meng or Ark OS, Huawei plans to use the Russian Aurora operating system to replace Android - Photo 1.

Not Hong Meng or Ark OS, Huawei plans to use the Russian operating system Aurora to replace Android

After Google stopped providing Android operating systems to Huawei, Chinese technology firm is looking for alternatives to their smartphones. It seems that a reasonable choice is now in Russia.

According to a report from a Russian news site, The Bell, citing sources from an official close to the incident, the Chinese company is negotiating to replace Android with the Aurora operating system, currently being used by the Moscow company, Open. Mobile Platform development.

Huawei chairman Guo Ping said he had negotiated a feasible agreement with the Minister of Digital Communications and Development, Konstantin Noskov, right in front of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The source said: "China tested Aurora pre-installed devices. "

Moreover, this is also the subject of an official meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping on the day before the event. The two leaders discussed the possibility of installing the Aurora operating system on Huawei smartphones and placing some of Huawei's production facilities in Russia.

Aurora is a mobile operating system developed based on the Sailfish OS operating system, designed by Finnish technology company, Jolla. In 2014, Russian businessman Grigory Berezkin became a co-owner of Jolla. Since 2016, the company Open Mobile Platform, the company involved in this business, has developed the Russian version for this operating system. Last year, 75% of Open Mobile Platform was owned by state-owned telecommunications company Russia, Rostelecom.

Refer to RT

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