Not enough sports, the McLaren 765LT has changed according to the “trend” with more than 160 million wheels

Only 765 McLaren 765LT is produced by the British supercar company. While not necessarily as small as some other million-dollar supercars, that number is still considered bizarre, and one of them looks more aggressive thanks to the gradient effect wings.

McLaren 765LT changes the class according to the extreme “trend”

In addition to this 765LT, its owner also owns a 675LT with a t-color “shirt”.nurseries. The McLaren 765LT is wrapped with a decal Nardo color xhaunt /dTranslated by The Sign Savers. The front part of the car is matte black, gradually turning white to the rear end. This is also a decal that has been applied by many supercars in the world as well as in Vietnam recently.


This “outfit” brings a sporty, more mysterious but no less aggressive appearance. The decal layer combines with black carbon details on the car in an eye-catching “tone sur tone” style.

mclaren765ltdo-cafeautovn-3 mclaren765ltdo-cafeautovn-4

“Seamless legs” worth 7,200 USD of the unique McLaren 765LT

Seemingly not satisfied with the new look, the owner of the car This McLaren 765LT continues to upgrade the Vossen forged alloy wheels 5 spoke have black tones. This Vossen Evo-3 set of wheels measures 20 inches on the front wheel and 21 inches on the rear.

mclaren765ltdo-cafeautovn-5 mclaren765ltdo-cafeautovn-6

As announced by Vossen Wheels on the website, each of these wheels starts from $ 1,800, equivalent to $ 7,200 for four (~ 166 million). Notably, the inside brake shackles are very prominent orange, creating a highlight for the whole car, whether standing still or moving.

mclaren765ltdo-cafeautovn-7 mclaren765ltdo-cafeautovn-8

McLaren 765LT is priced at more than 8 billion, most likely to return to Vietnam this year

The twin-turbocharged 4.0L V8 engine on the McLaren 765LT has been tweaked to be more powerful than the 720S “elder” when it reaches a maximum capacity of 755 horsepower instead of 720 code like the 720S. According to the British supercar company, McLaren 765LT can accelerate from 0-96 km / h in 2.7 seconds and reach 200 km / h in 7.0 seconds. The selling price of this model is from 358,000 USD (~ 8.26 billion VND).

mclaren765ltdo-cafeautovn-9 mclaren765ltdo-cafeautovn-10

If you want admire this unique 765LT, go to New York city. This British supercar will participate The biggest car journey in America – goldRush Rally 2021 titled “Saints & Sinners Tour”, takes place from June 11-20, 2021.

mclaren765ltdo-cafeautovn-11 mclaren765ltdo-cafeautovn-12

This journey will starts in New York City and ends in Dallas. The tour will also include stops at Washington DC, White Sulfur Springs, Asheville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis and Houston.


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