Nostalgia with 10 best horror games on PS1

Today, with the development of the gaming industry, manufacturers have the right to create products with excellent graphics, true to every blade of grass. Names like “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” and “Blair Witch” demonstrate this by using a first-person perspective to bring players into the wonderful world they create.

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Sony’s PlayStation 1 was released in 1994. And apparently at that time, the technology was not developed so most of the released games had graphics that looked extremely “fake”. Besides, there are still some special games that are still loved to this day, like Metal Gear Solid. And the specialty of Playstation 1 is horror games. Although the technology is not developed enough, manufacturers have known to take advantage of the Playstation 1 platform’s graphics to create games that are haunted until today. Here are 10 of the most prominent names, the best horror in PlayStation 1.


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This is a game developed by Electronics Art (EA). The reason it is still mentioned until today is because this is the first survival horror game to use a 3D virtual environment.

Along with the innovations in the game environment, OverBlood is also unique at this time when it comes to combining combat and puzzle mechanics, as well as allowing players to switch easily between 3rd and third person perspective. 1st place. With that success, Overblood released a second season in 1998 but didn’t seem to be very popular.


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Released in 1995, D is an interactive product that puts players in the shoes of famous digital actress Laura Harris. The person assigned to investigate a hospital that her father locked himself inside after a bloody purge.

D was rated 5.7 by GameSpot in 2000. A man named Hugo Foster also praised the part of the horror image that haunted him days later. However, he also added that this game needs to improve in terms of puzzles.

Clock Tower (1996)

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Clock Tower was developed by Human Entertainment. This is a point-and-click survival horror game. It is a sequel to a movie of the same name that was released in Japan.

The Point-and-click genre emerged at that time because of its engaging gameplay. Especially when you are hunted by the brutal killer Scissorman. Scissorman is definitely one of the scariest horror names of the 20th century. And this is probably also the reason why Clock Tower became one of the eight most haunted horror games voted by X-Play in 2000.

Parasite Eve

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This is one of the most famous names of the horror game village at that time. It’s even been compared to Resident Evil, an iconic horror game. While this comparison is a bit unfair, it is clear that this also speaks volumes about Parasite Eve’s appeal.

Created by Square in 1998, Parasite Eve has a plot revolving around policemen. Not surprisingly, it got a 9-point rating from its users. This is one of the highest user scores on most review websites.


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Developed by Sacnoth, Koudelka is a Japanese role-playing game from the Shadows Hearts series. The game is set in the UK’s Wales and finds a great mix of puzzle and turn-based combat.

Like many of the names on this list, Koudelka takes inspiration from Capcom’s Resident Evil series through fixed camera angles, pre-rendered backgrounds, and exploratory gameplay.

Alone in the Dark: The new Nightmare

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Also known as Alone in the Dark 4, Infogrames’ classic “Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare” was developed by Darkworks and first released in 2001. With its success, the title game This quickly earned a respectable revenue and gradually took over the PC platform.

Dino Crisis

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The first installment in the series of the same name, Dino Crisis, was released in 1999 by the horror expert of the time, Capcom. The game shares a lot of similarities with the Japanese company’s Resident Evil, such as a save room fixer, camera perspective, and a slew of puzzles.

Dino Crisis is hailed as the scariest game of the series. Although Season 2 is the most widely recognized and critically acclaimed section, it gets 86 Metascore points.

The Silent Hill

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Again a familiar name for fans of horror games. Like the aforementioned Dino Crisis 2, this game received a score of 86 on the Metacritic review page.

Konami’s Silent Hill was a pioneer in implementing complex storytelling in video games. The game’s story features five different endings, including one in secret when the game’s protagonist, Harry Mason, is kidnapped by an alien.

Nightmare Creatures II

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Nightmare Creatures II was developed by Kalisto Entertainment and released in May 2000. As a result, it was one of the last game releases on the Playstation 1 platform and not available on Playstation 2.

This is also a game that is loved by horror followers. Its fascinating gameplay will also make you like to drift along with the progress of the main character. If you want to find strange feelings in these Tet holidays, this will be a name worth considering.

Resident Evil III: Nemesis.

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And of course, not to mention the king of horror series, Resident Evil. There’s a reason why Capcom’s Resident Evil series is mentioned so often on this list; The series’ first 1996 game was one of the most influential survival horror games of all time.

The third installment of the series, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, released in September 1999 took the element of fear to new heights. And that was mainly due to Nemesis’ appearance. This is a regular character on the list of the most feared villains of all time of the horror game series. Resident Evil 3 also got a remake last year. However, it seems that this remake has not been well received by fans of the horror series.

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