Nord Stream-2 is unfinished, Russia increases sales of Nord Stream gas

Nord Stream-2 is unfinished, Russia increases sales of Nord Stream gas

Data released by Russia’s gas giant Gazprom recently said that Russia has pumped 59.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas through a pipeline running under the Baltic Sea called Nord Stream in 2020. Con This number marks the gas exports from Russia to Europe via the above pipeline at the highest level ever.

Nord Stream-2 has not finished, Russia has broken out when it dot Nord Stream
Project “brothers” with Nord Stream leads gas from Russia to Germany.

Gas supplies to European consumers grew 1.2% in 2019, according to data provided by the pipeline operator. In 2019, Nord Stream shipped 58.5 billion cubic meters of gas.

“The pipeline is used at a slightly higher level than in previous years, so the volume of gas transported in 2020 marks the highest milestone in history since the inception of operations” – the statement said. .

Since the first branch opened in 2011, total exports through Nord Stream have reached 382 billion cubic meters of gas.

One of the reasons for the increase in gas to Europe in 2020 is because the Nord Stream-2 project with the same route as Nord Stream went into operation later than expected, the project operator said. .

Meanwhile, the amount of gas exported through the territory of Ukraine also decreased.

Data from Russian Gas Group Gazprom on 9/1 showed that the gas transport corridor of Ukraine is still underutilized despite increasing demand for gas in the European Union (EU) and the selling price. Gas at gas centers in Europe increased.

In December 2020, Gazprom pumped an average of 183 million cubic meters of gas per day through the Ukrainian gas transportation network (GTS). In January 2021, the volume transported was reduced to 124 million m3 per day.

Transporting Russian gas through Ukraine’s gas transmission system (also known as Gas TSO of Ukraine) has reached 55.8 billion, according to the press agency of the operator of Ukraine’s gas transmission system. cubic meter in 2020. This level is 38% lower than last year.

“In 2020, Gas TSO of Ukraine has allocated 55.8 billion cubic meters of gas in transit to Europe, 38% less than in 2019” – the statement stated.

According to Gazprom data, spot gas prices in Europe continue to rise, while the European gas region is entering a period of tension, which in previous years coincided with the strongest cold spell.

The amount of Russian gas transferred through Ukraine to Europe is decreasing, 38% lower than the same period last year. This may open up the prospect of Russia gradually reducing its dependence on the gas transmission pipeline of Ukraine to sell to Europe in the coming time.

With Ukraine showing its declining role in energy contracts between Russia and Europe, the Nord Stream-2 project is gaining attention. Obviously, once this project is completed, Russia will have one more reputable gas distribution channel, ensuring volume and not being interrupted by political intentions.

Currently, Nord Stream-2 is threatened not only by additional US sanctions, but also from Europe as well. Recently, the European Parliament has passed a resolution requiring the EU to put an end to the project.

Observers said that, with the benefits of the project and its political prestige, Germany will certainly defend the project to the end.

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