Nord Stream-2 could be completed by the end of September

Nord Stream-2 could be completed by the end of September

Russia’s TASS news agency recently quoted Russian Ambassador to Germany, Sergei Nechayev, about the completion of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project.

Nord Stream-2 can be completed at the end of the 9th month
Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechayev. Photo: TASS

Accordingly, Mr. Nechayev said that the Russian side hopes that the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline will be built in the context of the German Parliament elections scheduled to take place on September 26.

The Russian ambassador to Germany said in an interview with the German media group Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) that weather conditions will be very important to the progress of the project.

“I hope it will be ready before the House of Representatives elections. Weather is crucial for the project to complete. If it is okay, we will go faster. Work is underway and there are only 100 kilometers left.” – Ambassador Nechayev said.

Ambassador reiterated that Moscow has been cooperating with Germany on gas supply for more than 50 years and this will certainly have a strong impact on the feasibility of the Nord Stream-2 project against the country’s containment efforts. out.

“[Hợp tác Nga-Đức – ND] was active even during the worst of the Cold War. And now the question is whether we want to bury 10 billion euros on the sea floor. That should be decided by Europe “- Ambassador Nechayev stressed.

Recently, environmental monitoring organizations in Germany have filed a lawsuit against this project with concerns about environmental risks. But German officials also said that the concern of environmental organizations in Germany is “unrealistic”.

Russian media said that in Russia, the project has been evaluated and approved in terms of environmental risk. Nord Stream-2’s comprehensive environmental monitoring program for pipeline construction in Russia is based on an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and approved by the main State Inspection Bureau. This is a prerequisite for getting a building permit in Russia.

Monitoring of construction corridors on the Kurgalsky Peninsula and the Gulf of Finland in Russia focuses on geology, physics-chemistry such as water, air and biological quality such as birds and marine mammals and their parameters. the environment in the area where the pipeline passes.

Environmental monitoring in Russia has been underway since construction began in 2018. The extensive observation program was developed by JSC FREСOM, one of the most experienced environmental consulting organizations of Russia.

A number of specialized organizations, laboratories and independent consultants have been involved in the monitoring work, including: State Hydrological Institute; Russian Federation of Marine and Fisheries Research Institute; Vavilov Plant Industry Research Institute; Mendeleev All-Russian Metrology Institute; Arctic & Antarctic Research Institute; experts from the St Petersburg Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences; and others.

The results of environmental monitoring reports are routinely submitted to the relevant authorities and checked on-site by their representatives.

Nord Stream-2’s monitoring in Russia is part of a comprehensive environmental monitoring program along the entire pipeline to assess the project’s environmental impact before, during and after construction.

This monitoring is a commitment by Nord Stream-2 and is a legal requirement that applies in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany, where the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline passes.

So far, Russia has completed more than 90% of the pipeline construction and is trying to perfect it ahead of the German election, the occasion when the project’s strong supporter, Chancellor Angela Merkel will resign.

The advisers to the US government believe they can use diplomatic means to force the project to be halted until German elections take place. After that, blocking the project will be much easier.

The Nord Stream-2 still has a winding road to go through until it becomes commercially available.

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