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NOLAN X-803 Marco Melandri player cap unpacking: Upgrade the RS big ducktail kit for the event!

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In recent years, in the top motorcycle competitions, you can see the helmets of players regardless of brand have launched ducktail kits, and even expanded the volume of ducktails from generation to generation, in order to compete at such a high speed. , Bring better turbulence effect for the helmet. However, there is an Italian helmet brand NOLAN, which is relatively unfamiliar to Taiwanese car enthusiasts. Moto7 will come out of the box today for you to put on a top D-tail X-803 top racing cap.

Thanks for sponsorship

Thanks to Yilun Heavy Machinery and Erlin NOLAN X-Lite general agent for their co-sponsorship, the webmaster will wear this NOLAN X-803 player’s painted hat to participate in this TMRRC event.

Let’s take a look at the X-803 with Ducktail installed!

Painters of players from Marco Melandri, “Team Terminator”

Marco Melandri, once the top two races of MotoGP and WSBK, is a nominal Italian driver. From 1997 to 2011, he retired in 2019. He has once won the 250c.c. annual championship in 23 years of racing career. Later, he was upgraded to the restructured MotoGP group, competing with the active driver Valentino Rossi for the championship of the year. In the end, although he took the second place, he also became his masterpiece of his career. Not only did they organize the top three of the year in many GP events, but in the second half of the game career, they were the top five of the WSBK year.

He has officially retired from WSBK in 2019 and played for the GRT YAMAHA Team in the last year.

It is worth mentioning that the manufacturers he rides across HONDA, APRILIA, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, DUCATI, BMW are very rich in experience, but when the time comes, their KAWASAKI joined MotoGP in 2008 and moved to WSBK YAMAHA the following year. The factory team also immediately withdrew, and after jumping to the two BMW teams, it gradually withdrew from WSBK for two consecutive years. Such special career experience also made him a “factory team terminator” for many fans.

He was not very successful in his career, and he had the title of “Team Team Terminator”.

Painted introduction “Italian Tourist Hedgehog”

Marco Melandri, sponsored by NOLAN for many years, has been very conspicuous in the painting of the helmets of previous generations. This version is the helmet worn in the 2018 WSBK event. The theme is “Italian hedgehog traveler”. At the same time, flying tourism Italy is also his dream. , The whole hat body is made of pearl blue, and the main vision is a large Italian map on the top of the hat. The geographical style, food, and famous products of all regions are presented with rich illustrations, and there is a personal mascot, the hedgehog, who inserts the flag in different clothes. Introduction.

The cap color of aqua blue is very eye-catching with the rich coating from Marco Melandri’s idea!

Geography, food, and famous products all over Italy are designed in a fun way, and then the top of the head is used as the main visual.

Marco Melandri’s mascot hedgehog appeared on every player’s cap.

Number 33 is the driver number of Marco Melandri.

The ingenuity of the mascot hedgehog can be seen everywhere in the helmet.

Introduction of X-803 cap body and big duck tail kit, announced on the next page.

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