Nokia is about to launch a brick phone phone running Android? - Photo 1.

Nokia is about to launch a "brick" phone running Android?

Accordingly, a new leaked image from an anonymous user has recently been widely shared on the Internet, showing a Nokia phone that looks like a Nokia 220 but runs on a platform. The operating system is quite strange. We think this is a popular phone because of the familiar keyboard design: cluster of 4-way navigation keys, answer and end call keys and a traditional T9 keyboard.

Is this a "brick" Nokia phone running on Android?

The display interface is somewhat familiar with current Android devices such as status bar with battery icon, mobile network, time, …; in the middle is also a Google mic icon, which seems to be used to activate Google Assistant. At the bottom is a sequence of 5 icons with the middle icon that looks like it is used to open the menu (app drawer) and familiar apps like Camera, Chrome, YouTube and an icon that uses 2 opposite arrows may be a new version of Google Translate. Finally, there are 3 options including "Alerts, Select, Settings".

It is unclear what operating system version Nokia has equipped for this mysterious "brick" phone. Some sites believe that this is a customized version of Android or Android Go, but we think this seems like a new updated version of the KaiOS platform, the operating system is equipped. for some current Nokia phones and millions of dollars invested by Google to develop.

Nokia is about to launch a brick phone phone running Android? - Photo 2.

The current KaiOS interface on feature phone devices

KaiOS is currently a Firefox OS-based operating system platform, and due to Google's investment, Google is likely to want to turn KaiOS into a Chromium-based operating system version, as well as bring Google services up this new platform. 9to5Google also said a non-touch version of Google Chrome is currently being developed. Therefore, after all, it seems that KaiOS will be updated with a new interface that is somewhat similar to Android and can use some Google services. This will be a completely new solution for future phone devices.

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