Nokia 3.2 provides a great companion for youth life - Photo 1.

Nokia 3.2 provides a great companion for young people

For a smartphone as a companion with young people because the phone appears on every battle in our lives from learning to work and personal entertainment. How does a young user always feel new in interacting with his or her companion? Nokia 3.2 with a separate Google Assistant button is the answer to this interesting problem.

The assistant Google Assistant has been a pretty familiar phrase for today's young people because of the modern technology and convenience that it brings to our lives. The Nokia 3.2 launches a Google Assistant assistant with a separate call button instead of opening the phone and reading Ok Google mantra whenever you want to open the Google Assistant feature. Let's see after clicking this improvement button, what does the Google Assistant assistant bring to your life.

The universal Google Assistant makes everything a perfect plan

Friend: "How is my schedule today?"

Google Assistant: "Your schedule today includes breakfast with me, to a company that works hard, relaxes with soothing songs and dine at Italian Restaurant with me."

Nokia 3.2 provides a great companion for youth life - Photo 2.

The assistant Google Assistant has the ability to remember every activity in your work and life in a "well-known" way that helps to wake up every day is always a day with a detailed plan and true life. In the work, it is not necessary that the new Director recruited assistant but recruited assistant because it helps the life of each person, this is also the task that Nokia 3.2 installs for her Google Assistant assistant when appearing on market.

Ask now and always with Google Assistant

Friend: "What is tomorrow like?"

Google Assistant: "Tomorrow it rains, don't forget to bring a raincoat."

With my wisdom, the Google Assistant assistant captures the situation very well to help you better control your life including small details like weather. Also, if you have any questions about where to eat, play with friends, do not hesitate to ask Google Assistant right away, with all your knowledge, this assistant will find restaurants delicious with dating spots in every alley for you.

She is a full-featured Google Assistant assistant

Friend: "Sing a song to Google Assistant"

Google Assistant: "Sorry I still don't know how to sing, instead I will read the lyrics for you to imagine.

Nokia 3.2 provides a great companion for youth life - Photo 3.

A whole lot of entertainment wrapped up with a Google Assistant assistant with a "expensive" response like this. On bad mood days, talk to Google Assistant, you will feel life is not meaningless but very interesting since this assistant appeared. Let Google Assistant help you relieve your work stress by quickly opening smartphone apps like Spotify, Netflix … with a single click of a separate Google Assistant button on Nokia 3.2.

Join Google Assistant to explore new things every day

Friend: "Open the video teaching Russian on youtube."

Google Assistant: "Right for you here."

Learning a new language brings a lot of interesting things in life, you will learn about the culture, communication, history and people of that country. Learning and discovering new things in this life becomes easy when owning a multi-talented Google Assistant assistant. Together with Google Assistant, you can become partners in every way to learn new things.

Along with Google Assistant to conquer new lands

Friend: "Show me the flight to Paris."

Google Assistant: "Right for you here."

Nokia 3.2 provides a great companion for youth life - Photo 4.

If you want to travel alone to France but there is no acquaintance here and it is important you don't know the language well enough to communicate. Don't worry, your trip will be simple because you have a competent Google Assistant assistant to assist you in discovering a new country, from finding cheap airline tickets, guests Safe accommodations are also beautiful places to visit. Besides, the language problem is only a small problem for her, Google Assistant transforms into her translator as soon as you need to exchange with native people.

Nokia 3.2 provides a great companion for youth life - Photo 5.

Since the assistant Google Assistant appeared in our lives, everything seems to be easy and convenient to follow the new technology trend. Young users have the opportunity to interact and experience new improvements with Nokia's own Google Assistant button – this is considered a significant improvement in today's technology world. Take a place for Google Assistant to stay in your life and support you with everything as a companion.

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