No more days? Ubisoft editorial team reorganizes to avoid stereotypes

Recently, according to foreign media VGC reports. After a difficult year, Ubisoft announced plans to reorganize the entire creative team, which decided on the direction of all Ubisoft games.

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For more than two decades, the editorial team has decided on the direction of Ubisoft’s new games and traditional IP. The team is composed of about 100 designers and producers from Paris, responsible for all aspects of creation from game design to script writing. Although team members do not make games, they have a huge impact on the development of the entire company.

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(2014 Ubisoft editorial team)

Ubisoft told VGC: “We are strengthening our editorial team to make it more flexible and better able to cooperate with our global development teams to create the best gaming experience for players.” Relevant sources said that the editing team The main purpose of the reorganization is to enrich the diversity of Ubisoft games. Before that, Ubisoft has been criticized for being too monotonous. “You often see such a high degree of similarity because the same ideas and ideas are copied.”

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