No graphics card? No problem ! xCloud is coming to PC!

This is one of the solutions to the problem of hardware shortage: cloud gaming. The current difficulty of acquheal a console could be bypassed thanks to cloud gaming! Indeed, by letting the games run at Microsoft or at Google (via Stadia), no need for the latest machine. And the arrival of Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming (it was still easier when it was called xCloud…) on PC soon might end your map quests Nviday 30XX, anyway cornered by cryptocurrency miners.

The Verge reports that Microsoft has launched the testing phases for a version of xCloud on PC. The Game catalog Pass is indeed already accessible via the cloud today, but only on Android devices. Microsoft intends to bring the service to PC by running it in a web browser based on Chromium, i.e. Chrome (Google) or Edge (Microsoft). We bet that Microsoft will surely make small changess to his nahouse watchman to optimize the experience on Edge, and in the process try to glean some additional usersaires …

Going through an internet browser will have a welcome (and probably intended) consequence: the possibility of accessing the Game Pass via cloud on devices iOS, iPhone and iPad for the moment deprived of this functionality due to the limitations of the App Store.

It remains to be seen, even if we trust Microsoft’s infrastructure, how the service will behave by multiplying its users. Even if the promise of cloud gaming, from xCloud to Stadia via Shadow or GeForce Now, is to offer us a gaming experience at the top of technology which what either the mowned equipment, we know that it also runs because its number of users remains limited. And Stadia does not also offer the “ultra” version of Cyberpunk 2077 (even if it remains a more successful version than the one running on PS4 …

So, The Medium with Ray Tracing enabled for everyone? Answer next spring, expected date of arrival of the Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming, aka xCloud, sur PC !


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