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No. 1 female Chinese boxer kicked ‘thunder’ kicks the opponent unconsciously

VIDEO: Zhang Weili vs Liliya Kazak

The MMA battle between female fighter Zhang Weili and opponent Liliya Kazak is part of the Kunlun Fight tournament in China, which weighs 52kg. Zhang Weili is the fighter of the host country, while Liliya Kazak is a fighter from Belarus.

With home advantage, Zhang Weili has proved extremely superior compared to the opponent. Even in the first half, the girl born in 1989 attacked the opponent with overwhelming attacks and speed.

At the time of 4 minutes 13 seconds, Zhang Weili suddenly launched a powerful kick with his right foot that hit Liliya Kazak’s neck. The kick was so quick and powerful that the Belarusian opponent fell to the ring and fainted. Zhang Weili won the knockout victory in the applause of her home fans.

Zhang Weili is the No. 1 pride of Chinese martial arts, storming UFC – the most prestigious MMA arena in the world. According to Baidu, Zhang Weili was born in Hebei Province, a former martial artist who moved to MMA.



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