Even though the Japanese air brand Liberty Walks Performance is good at multiplying the vehicle ’s visual shock with an exaggerated wide-body shape, it can be called a “turmoil change” pioneer, but based on the climbing design pattern, it has also been transformed into a Complete Tuning type that has been completely modified in the whole car in recent years. After the new work is called “LB Silhouettle Work GT” series, following LAMBORGHINI Huracan and FERRARI 458 Italia, this year’s TAS Tokyo Modification Exhibition will not only release the “35GT-RR” Edition dedicated to NISSAN GT-R, but also introduce the NISSAN “God of War” “R30 Tomica RS Turbo’s modern re-enactment of” Super Silhouettle Skyline “, a high-tension appearance of a” runaway “, will also become the focus of TAS 2020 …

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: “God of War” is even more a model of “runaway race”! NISSAN R34 GT-R 「Super Silhouettle Skyline」
Written by: Yu Zongda Daco / Photo: LB Walks

All previous generations of cars have made great achievements in the arena NISSAN “East God of War” GT-R. The current active R35 generation Super GT500 racing style is even the most aerodynamic design with the most fierce aerodynamic design, but this is the most effective design. In terms of modern aesthetics, if it comes to majestic domineering, the Silhouettle Race, which used to belong to the FIA ​​Gr.5 event in Japan, once created the “Five Crowns” R30 Tomica RS Turbo. With a pure Spartan hard line at the same time The sudden and exaggerated air force configuration, in addition to becoming the most dreamy “God of War” style in the minds of senior War God fans, in the 1980s, it also became the best look-and-feel model for the Japanese Bosozoku “Blood Race” dressing car! Kato Sang, the head of Liberty Walks Performance who has been in the Japanese auto industry for decades, pays tribute to the classic “God of War” like this generation, and also exposed the R34 GT-R Skyline-based “Super” at this year’s modified auto show in Tokyo. Silhouettle Skyline “Edition clearly evokes the deep memory of Japanese car fans, and naturally became the focus of the audience!

The Silhouettle racing car, which belongs to the FIA ​​Gr.5 vehicle specification, promotes the willingness of car manufacturers to participate in the distance from the commercially available cars. All power and body appearances must maintain the design of commercially available cars. NISSAN is also in Violet 710A10, Bluebird 910, Silvia S110, Skyline R30 and other cars launched the Silhouettle racing style. Among them, the last version of the Skyline R30, under the superb driving of the NISSAN kanban name “Hasemi Masahiro”, won five championships in 1982 and 1983. Record, also wrote the most epic page in the history of GT-R Skyline, naturally became the most competitive version of God of War fans! Liberty Walks Performance is a major boost to the brand ’s latest aerodynamic night “LB Silhouettle Work GT”. Even if the base car is changed to the R34 GT-R Skyline, the aerodynamic design contours and visual exaggeration are completely copied from the R30 Tomica RS Turbo This deity, plus the same red and black paint, will inevitably make senior GT-R fans and even runaways smile.