Nissan Navara excellent runner-up at VOC 2018

Nissan Navara excellent runner-up at VOC 2018

Nissan Navara has a powerful engine block and fully equipped off-road features. Therefore, Nissan Navara helped NAC 01 team 108 controlled by Pham Van Quan and Pham Thanh Tung bravely overcome 24 teams to win the runner-up position in Vietnam’s semi-truck class.

NAC members celebrate victory with NAC team 01 – No. 108

In addition, with the spirit of “Fun is the main, burning hard” NAC team 127 of 2 members Kieu Lan Anh and Pham Quang Long are proud to be honored as the most impressive team at VOC 2018. This result is the main is the affirmation of the persistence, certainty and flexibility of Nissan Navara, the passion for off-road and the solidarity of all Navara Club members.


NAC members gathered at SVD My Dinh from the morning of September 29

On the morning of September 29, NAC members gathered and marched from the center of Hanoi to Dong Mo with nearly 50 Navara cars.

In the VOC 2018 season, Navara Club has a total of 06 participating teams, focusing on Vietnam Pickup. In which, there are 3 female athletes (2 main drivers and 1 auxiliary driver), NAC is the team with the most female athletes in this year’s VOC season.

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Pha Que team with the outstanding pink Navara at this year’s VOC

Although the weather in Dong Mo – where VOC 2018 takes place, is hot and erratic, but whenever NAC teams compete, the atmosphere of the run is always boiling by the crowd of cheers and cheers. , the relentless drumming, and the green flags with the NAC logo fluttering as if giving fire to the athletes. Responding to the trust and cheering of the fans, with the skillful control of two athletes from NAC 01 team 108, the Nissan Navara has passed all the tough competitions such as speed, running. mud – wading, running slippery slope, competing in the forest – mud slope … and won the second prize in the semi-original competition with a score of 404 points. This is the Competition that has received a lot of attention from the audience because most of the competing pickup trucks are original pickups, this is an opportunity for the models to show their power besides their ability to control. skilful control of the rider. nissan-navara-export-service-at-the-office-in-office-voc-2018

The Navara brave at the track

At the moment of receiving the award, Mr. Pham Van Quan – the main driver shared:These year’s exams are more interesting and professional, requiring the driver’s control and the vehicle’s good handling. With a solid chassis and off-road support features such as rear differential lock, electronic shifting function Shift on fly, Nissan Navara has helped the members fully confident to show off their driving skills. and successfully complete the test”.


NAC athlete won the impressive prize at VOC 2018

Notably, in the 6 teams of NAC participating in VOC 2018 is the enthusiasm of the extremely attractive female athletes. Right from the start, the pink Navara of 2 female Pha Que team drivers with 119 race cars was impressed by the very skillful and professional competitions. Especially in the 3rd test with many sharp bends, slopes and seesaw as well as continuous highs, but with confidence, ingenuity and strong off-road ability of Navara, 2 female Pha racers Cinnamon had a great performance that made many male athletes admire. In addition, the owner of the Impression Award – athlete Kieu Lan Anh of NAC No. 127 car completely conquered the audience by the fire and blood, ready to roll out for the team.

Navara is equipped with a powerful 2.5L diesel engine that provides smooth, smooth movement and an enjoyable driving experience on all terrains. To every journey you take is always full of excitement, so that each of your journeys is more complete.


Inheriting the 80-year tradition of Nissan pickup, Nissan Navara possesses robustness, durability and outstanding fuel economy. In addition to technological upgrades, inherent safety features such as the HSA ramp assist system, HDC downhill control system, ABLS active braking system, and the chassis “Zone Body” is the point where consumers decide to choose Navara as a reliable companion on every journey.

Currently, in addition to the standard version, Nissan Navara has an upgraded Premium version that owns a series of new features: a unique front bumper design; decal details running along both sides of the body, reversing camera, dashcam with wifi connection, touch screen integrated smartphone connectivity function (VL, EL version).

Navara Club was founded in 2015 and is constantly growing. For members, NAC is like a common house to share the passion for Nissan Navara pickup. Mr. Mai Nam Hai shared about his club: “Over the past 3 years, the current number of Facebook members participating in our Navara club has reached 5,500, of which 300 are official members. . Navara Club is like a miniature society, our brothers come from many places, with many different professions. When we join the club, we not only talk about our experiences and how to use the Navara pickup, but we also share with each other our intentions, helping each other and moving towards the activities. volunteer for the community ”.


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