Nissan Navara EL Review: Why is this the best selling version?

Nissan Navara EL Review: Why is this the best selling version?

In the Nissan Navara versions sold in Vietnam, Navara EL sales accounted for more than 50% of the total sales of this pickup model. Why is Navara EL so expensive?

General introduction of Nissan Navara EL

Nissan Navara EL is a version of Navara pickup line in Vietnam using an automatic transmission, 1-wheel drive. This is the best-selling version with sales of more than half of the number of Navara sold to the market, competing Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux … With the price from only 669 million, Nissan Navara EL car price “light” ”Far more than its competitors in the same segment.

Nissan Navara EL 2018Nissan Navara EL is the best-selling version of the Navara EL pickup

Review Nissan Navara EL on the exterior

In terms of exterior design, Nissan Navara EL is no different from the rest of Navara versions. The version is distributed in Vietnam with 6 color options including white, silver, gray, desert gold, dark blue, dark brown.

Nissan Navara EL version still with the length x width x height is 5,255 x 1,850 x 1,795 mm with wheelbase length of 3,150 mm. The car has a large ground clearance of 225 mm. Nissan Navara EL has the same body size as the other versions. The trunk has dimensions of 1,475 x width 1,485 x height 470 mm and the ability to load goods weighing up to 1,000 kg.

Review Nissan Navara EL car on the head, the car possesses a strong, fierce head thanks to the beautiful chrome plated bars in the grille. Headlights use Halogen bulbs and do not have integrated LEDs. Car lights and grille, although simple in design, have a large size to create a healthy look.

Nissan Navara EL 2018 is equipped with Halogen headlightsNissan Navara EL is equipped with Halogen headlights

Rearview mirror with integrated electric folding function with integrated turn signal light, but when turning off the key, the mirror cannot fold. This is an inconvenience of the EL version compared to the high-end versions of this car. However, in return the mirror will automatically darken when headlight glare is detected at night, the brighter the light is, the darker the mirror is automatically darker.

Bodywork of the Nissan Navara 2018 EL versionBody of Nissan Navara EL version

In addition, the car is only equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels with 255 / 70R16 tires. Despite its small size, this set of wheels helps to move in bad terrain more smoothly while the noise on the cockpit is also significantly reduced.

Review Nissan Navara EL on the interior

At a price of only VND 669 million, Nissan Navara EL is equipped with the basic features in the interior. Particularly, the Navara EL Premium version of Nissan Vietnam has also upgraded a number of new equipment to meet the needs of customers, but the price is only a few tens of millions more than the standard version.

Compared to the old generation of Nissan Navara, the rear seats of Navara EL use the design not so much different. The car has a spacious area for 3 adults, the legroom is relatively redundant while the ceiling is quite airy with passengers 1.8 m. The rear seat is designed to be reclined for comfort.

Interior space of Navara EL 2018Interior space of Nissan Navara EL

Nissan Navara EL interior has some differences compared to the higher-end versions such as felt car seats, engine control, the interior is mainly using hard plastic materials, 3-spoke steering wheel. In addition, the disadvantage of Nissan Navara EL in the center console is quite simple with a monochrome screen for poor information visibility and making the interior space become “less luxurious”. In the EL Premium version, the car is equipped with a touch screen. It has AUX / USB connectivity and 6-speaker sound system; Manual air-conditioning system with air filter function.

Nissan Navara EL 2018 is only equipped with a bare steering wheelNissan Navara EL driving area

Evaluate Nissan Navara EL in terms of engine / operation

According to the Nissan Navara EL specifications for the engine, this pickup is equipped with a 2.5L oil engine block with a 7-speed automatic transmission and 1-wheel drive system. Navara EL’s 2.5L oil engine block produces a maximum capacity of 161 hp and a maximum torque of 403 Nm. With this engine block, Nissan Navara EL is not only capable of operating smoothly on complex terrains, meeting well the economy when traveling in the city or on the road.

Nissan Navara EL 2018 is equipped with a 2.5L engine blockNissan Navara EL is equipped with a 2.5L engine block

Nissan Navara EL version is equipped with front disc brakes, rear drum brakes. Comes with a multi-point suspension for the occupants of the cabin, feeling softer, softer even when traveling on bad roads. This is an advantage of Navara EL compared to rivals although this version is not the most advanced version.

Review Nissan Navara EL on safety equipment

Nissan Navara EL version is equipped with basic safety equipment such as ABS anti-lock braking system so that the driver can maintain direction control when braking sharply; Electronic brake force distribution system EBD – which automatically calculates the internal load of both passengers and luggage to optimize rear braking force and distribute front-rear brake force to increase braking efficiency. In addition, the car is also equipped with folding brake assist system BA, 2 front airbags … On the EL Premium version, the car is also equipped with a reversing camera.

EL version 2018 mainly uses basic safety equipmentThe EL version primarily uses basic safety equipment

Compared to the high-end versions, the Nissan Navar EL’s safety equipment does not have a dynamic balance control system, slippery restraint system, support for slope departure, downhill control, master brakes. limited wheel skating, reversing camera, Cruise Control … Nissan Navara EL Premium is equipped with a camera system with WIFI connection. This equipment helps customers store trips, when you need to review images, you can get and use via memory card plugged into the camera.

How much does Nissan Navara EL cost?

In Vietnam market, Nissan Navara pickup model is imported from Thailand, the price of Nissan Navara ranges from 625 to 815 million VND.

Version Selling price (million dong)
Nissan Navara E 625
Nissan Navara EL / Nissan Navara EL Premium R 669 – 679
Nissan Navara SL 725
Nissan Navara VL / Nissan Navara VL Premium R 815

Overall, the interior of the Navara EL pickup is quite simple but complete and comfortable. With Nissan Navara EL, users have a great choice when they want to buy a pickup when the model has a combination of simplicity, power, and also equipped with the latest technology for Pickup line. At a reasonable price, Nissan’s EL automatic 1-pickup pickup truck is a worth-buying pickup, perfectly suited for those who are passionate about the experience.

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