Nintendo’s product philosophy

At the present age, computers and mobile phones are highly dependent. Without mobile phones and computers, they cannot live normally, but game consoles are not like mobile phones and computers. They are not necessities of life, and they can use computers and mobile phones to play games. This is also directly Threatening the existence of game consoles, so how has Nintendo gone for more than 130 years from a small workshop to a global game industry leader?

“Reverse” Innovation

Many people think that innovation = new ideas + new technologies, and new technologies will account for most of the weight, but there is a DNA in Nintendo that uses “outdated technology” to innovate.

Game consoles should follow the most cutting-edge technology, which has become a common sense in the gaming industry. But Nintendo’s console has never been the most powerful, but always the most novel.

In the eyes of most people in 1970, solar cells must be used for power supply, and Nintendo used solar energy as a sensor for light guns, which eventually created a “high-tech toy”.

When all game manufacturers were using color screens in 1989, Nintendo ’s Game Boy still used black and white screens.

At the same time, because monochrome screen technology is already common, the cost reduction will not exceed the purchasing power of the public, and the technology is mature, and players can play all day in the sun or indoors. One child in a middle-class household in Japan is not a dream. By 2000, it had sold more than 100 million units worldwide.

Nintendo is not without the ability to develop high-definition graphics, but in their opinion, the ease of operation and fun of the game are the first. As for the image quality of the display is secondary, the resolution of the NDS at that time was 256 * 192 At the time, the resolution of the main competitor PSP was 408 * 272. From the point of view of resolution, the PSP was equivalent to 2.7 times of the NDS, but the high-definition PSP was not an opponent of the NDS at all. I tried my best to use the most advanced technology to improve the image quality and sound quality, which could not be favored by users. After all, there are high-definition pictures everywhere in the era of high sound quality. On the contrary, as long as you have excellent creativity, you are not afraid of outdated and backward, even if the conventional technology and Regular parts also allow users to pay.

Capturing ideas

Creativity and creation are the spirit that Nintendo has always upheld. Nintendo’s “ZTE’s ancestor” Yamauchi said in an interview: “If Nintendo’s creativity dries up one day, it will not be far from closing.” At the same time, creativity is also Nintendo’s strengths and main core.

Back to real life

In Nintendo’s Zelda Wilderness, how is the sense of scale of the game world designed?

For 3D games, the sense of scale in the game world is basically close to the real world. Therefore, the production team is actually based on the map of Kyoto city. The entire production team made a personal calculation and ran a circle to estimate the size of the game world.

What is even more surprising is that while running in Kyoto, the production team saw “the frequency of convenience stores” and “the frequency of postboxes” on the streets based on people ’s daily experience, and derived the density of the overall map of the game. Feeling, the density between the frequency of Zelda encounter monsters and the temple is so derived.

Although everyone may feel slightly different, everyone will feel closer. This is a common understanding among developers who have “the frequency of meeting postboxes”, and designers have a reference when discussing “the frequency of encountering monsters”, which is higher than the frequency of postboxes. Still lower. The sense of distance and density in the game is the product of insight into real life and abstraction and refinement.

Returning to real life is the best source of inspiration for product design. Dangdang ’s latest homepage design is an abstract design based on real-life malls. Everyone knows that mall floors are generally divided by the type of store on the floor. For example, 1F is jewelry , 2F is clothing shoes and bags, 3F various Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine hot pot, 4F cinema and so on.

The current homepage of Dangdang is presented with this “floor-style” product design. Dangdang’s 1F books, 2F is clothing shoes and bags, and 3F is daily necessities. 4F … The benefit of this type of design is to effectively reduce the cognitive cost of the user.

And our current house often uses “drawer-style” furniture to store items, such as TV cabinets, wardrobes, and so on. We usually put items in the drawer first, open the drawer when needed, and close the drawer after removing the items.

The biggest advantage of the drawer is that it can save space and can be reused. Abstracting and refining the “drawer type” design in real life, some “drawer components” are extended in the field of products and research and development. “Drawer components” are also the same on Internet products. Operations that are consistent with real life, such as calling out a temporary sidebar after a user performs an operation, can be opened from multiple directions, such as “open from left to right”, “open from top to bottom”.

Use the perspective behind

The Internet product industry often circulates such a sentence: “Jobs becomes” idiot “in 1 second, Ma Huateng 5 seconds, Zhang Xiaolong 10 seconds.” Why become an idiot? The main reason to turn yourself into an idiot is to analyze the behavior and thoughts of users when using the product.

And Nintendo often catches some employees who don’t play games, and then plugs a gamepad to them to observe in secret after turning on the game console. Through this method, Nintendo often finds many problems that could not be found by itself, and will cut off some seemingly clever designs without hesitation, and cut off some “high-level ideas” because the purpose of Nintendo ’s game development is to hope for more and more The more ordinary people are attracted to the game world, so that the general public can accept the game as much as possible. The pursuit of humanity is simple. If a game is too complicated, only the fanatics of the game can persist, and the average person may play for a few minutes. The choice was abandoned.

?? In 2008, President Iwata of Nintendo once reflected that “we desperately want to develop a perfect game, and for those who do not usually spend time and energy on games, no matter what There is no difference in the games, only they turn silently away.

“Mother First” Concept

Nintendo ’s “mother first” concept is similar to some B-end products. Decision makers and users are most likely not the same type of person, while Nintendo’s “mother first” is to increase the user dimension and transfer the main battlefield to players’ family members. , Make a game machine that all family members can’t hate.

Typical scene: children do not pack the game console after playing the game, they are too fascinated by the game, there are already many game consoles in the family but they still want to buy them, but the mothers are not even interested or even disgusted with the game console. Made a mess.

Nintendo is also very aware that it will be difficult to increase the number of gamers without making family members like consoles.

Then to pursue the satisfaction of mothers, we must resolve what they hate. Compared with game performance and picture quality, Nintendo chose the size of the game console and the power-saving mute. If the size of the game console is small enough to be stuffed into the “gap” between various audio and video equipment in the living room, mothers should not be so irritable when packing. So the Wii’s hardware is half smaller than other game consoles, and it is more power-efficient and durable. It is also simpler and more user-friendly in operation. It is said that even the 81-year-old British queen rushed to play with her grandson Prince William, and Prince William could only look helplessly at his grandmother.

At that time, the biggest highlight of the product PS3 of the same era as the Wii was to have a CPU that was comparable to high-performance desktop computers, and the processing performance was very powerful. But with the gradual decline of game players, it is difficult to see the future in the pursuit of console performance. As of December 2008, Wii has sold 44.96 million units worldwide, compared to 14.5 million PS3 units.

Nintendo Philosophy[日] Translated by Inoue Zheng

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