Nintendo would introduce a stylus in the Joy-Con

Nintendo recently announced a new version of “Dr. Kawashima’s brain training” on Switch with a stylus. A patent filed by the Japanese manufacturer seems to indicate that it intends to incorporate it directly on the wrist straps of its Joy-Con.

Unlike Microsoft and Sony who are waging a merciless war in the field of performance, Nintendo has chosen a different path. Since Sega’s withdrawal from the console war, the Japanese firm has distinguished itself by innovating with each generation of console to offer new gaming experiences, especially with original controllers and accessories.

Image 1: Switch: Nintendo would introduce a stylus in the Joy-Con

Last September, Nintendo relaunched one of the franchises that made Nintendo DS successful with the announcement of a new edition of “Dr. Kawashima’s brain training” on Switch. The title takes advantage of the features and characteristics of the hybrid console, but it is also accompanied by a stiletto. Nintendo was expected to release other titles compatible with the accessory, but a patent discovered by Trusted Reviews suggests that Nintendo would like to go even further in integrating it directly on its Joy-Con.

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A stylus integrated into a Joy-Con wrist strap

In a patent filed in the United States, Nintendo details the characteristics and some use cases of its stiletto. Rather than providing a place to house a retractable stylus, the manufacturer made a surprising choice. He is directly integrated with a wrist strap that you attach to a Joy-Con when the controller is detached from the Switch. So it’s more of a tip added to a wrist strap than a real stylus.

The document states that it can be used on the console’s touch screen, and that the buttons on the controller will allow you to modify the characteristics of a track such as line thickness. The device must also interact with the vibration HD of the controller to provide user feedback.

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Image 2: Switch: Nintendo would introduce a stylus in the Joy-Con

The stylus for “Dr Kawashima brain training” and “Super Mario Maker 2” is already available in France for pre-order at € 7.99 and will be delivered from January 23. At this point, nothing indicates that the firm actually intends to market its wrist strap equipped with a stylus, we can nevertheless expect that the Nintendo Switch will welcome more and more games compatible with its stylus.

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Source: Trusted Reviews

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