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Nintendo Switch Lite: Smaller, cheaper Switch, hard-pressed hand, same hardware

Nintendo Switch Lite's price is only $ 199, $ 100 cheaper than the regular Switch version. Switch Lite will come in a variety of bright colors, of course compatible with all Switch games before. Of course cheaper, Switch Lite will have the impossible: can not be separated and attached to the dock, TV connection is like a higher version, in other words Switch Lite is really a mobile gaming machine, not hybrid console.

Some of Theverge play Switch Lite to play a little, recounting that the difference is not significant compared to when playing the game on the Switch. At the same time, because Switch Lite has 2 Joycon sides attached to the camera body, the feeling of holding will be much more sure than the normal Switch. The layout keys are the same as the normal version, but the navigation buttons D-pad will be the same as the original plus-type stick like some of Nintendo's old knobs, but not separated into 4 buttons as on the Switch.

Nintendo said Switch Lite also improved "light" in terms of battery life thanks to the use of a more energy-efficient chip design, combined with no need for a separate battery for the two joycon parties as if it were a removable form. Switch Lite's screen is 5.5 inches, slightly smaller but still has the same resolution as the Switch with 6.2 inches.

Switch Lite will still have the same performance as the Switch, will still connect to accessories such as Joy Con handle, Hand Switch Pro, Poke Ball Plus balls, … Of course, there will still be Wifi, Bluetoothm, NFC, side In also built-in gyroscope.

Switch Lite will have the basic colors of gold, dark gray and turquoise. There will also be a light gray version with Pokémon Sword and Shield themes.


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