Nintendo Switch Lite officially revealed, opened for sale in September!

Nintendo Switch Lite officially revealed, opened for sale in September!

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Nintendo Switch Lite – Nintendo's successor successor to the Nintendo Switch has officially revealed itself with many new features you'll want to care about.

In order to start the article, we have to repeat after the Wii U's defeat, Nintendo had a very bad time and struggled to find itself in the console village to let Sony's "two rivals" and Microsoft surpassed. After so many failed appointments, the baby Switch finally failed to disappoint Nintendo when it became a seismic at the time of its launch.

And then, the "new system" is more than 2 years old every day, people have raised many rumors, doubts about the next version of this unique "hybrid" system.

Not wanting his fans to wait too long, Nintendo has officially announced Ninendo Switch Lite, a version of Switch, which is a powerful hit on the handheld game console, replacing the older 3DS brother.

Switch Lite There will be some advantages compared to the single predecessor as the machine configuration will remain the same with 720p resolution but the battery life will be increased by 20-30% depending on the game, four hard moving buttons will be replaced using D-pad to make it easier for gamers to get used to Nintendo's old design style

Nintendo Switch Lite will own a 5.5 inch screen with a lighter and more compact body than the regular Switch for ease of movement. Most especially, this device will cost significantly less than the man, only $ 199.99 compared to the price of $ 299.99 of his predecessor.

However, this version is also omitted quite a lot of features, the most notable is that it only has a handheld mode (if you want to have TV mode, you have to buy a separate sole outside), no Joy-con comes with no tabletop mode, no HD Rumble and IR Motion Camera support.

Nintendo Switch Lite Expected to be released on September 20 with three colors of yellow, gray and turquoise. Special edition Zacian and Zamazenta Edition will be released on November 8 for fans Pokémon at constant prices.

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