NINTENDO SWITCH LITE launches, more compact but the configuration is unchanged

NINTENDO SWITCH LITE launches, more compact but the configuration is unchanged

Nintendo Switch Lite has recently been officially launched with a more compact design and removes some features but still retains its configuration compared to the standard version.

Compared to the standard version, Nintendo Switch Lite removes HD sensors, infrared sensors on the handle for motion detection and a few other small features.

lite nintendo switch

The game console is also considerably smaller in size, designed to target handheld games so the Joy-Con unit cannot be separated and cannot be connected to the TV as the standard version. .

This Switch Lite has a 5.5-inch screen and HD resolution. Nintendo said the power consumption of this version is equivalent to the standard version.

According to The Verge, Nintendo Switch Lite is lighter in weight and will have a much more comfortable grip. The D-pad key cluster is now designed instead of being separated. Overall, this gaming machine is very solid because the Joy-Con part is attached.

As mentioned above, Nintendo Switch Lite removes HD sensors and infrared sensors on the handle. However, users can purchase more Joy-Con handles to use these movements in the necessary Game titles.

lite nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch Lite has 3 color versions of gold, gray and turquoise. All 3 versions are completed from gray plastic material.

The device is sold for $ 200, about $ 100 cheaper than the standard version.

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