Nintendo Switch Lite and all you need to know

Nintendo Switch Lite and all you need to know

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From a four-button electronics that captures children from rural to urban areas, until the "hybrid" system called Switch is interesting, the attraction comes from products under Nintendo without once cooling down. And of course the next name belongs to the Nintendo house Switch Lite It is not outside the community's interest.

But unlike his brother, Nintendo Switch Lite causing a lot of controversy when it was just introduced. So, how exactly Nintendo's new system is and what its purpose is is that it makes the launch a "storm" in every social channel it participates in.

Join to analyze this game machine via the following article.


Nintendo Switch Lite

Two years ago, the Nintendo Switch was born and made people admire the admiration of the red company's creative ability in Funan. In fact, when the entire game industry is following hardware with graphics and is headed by Sony and Microsoft, it is true that Nintendo has released a modest hardware device like Switch. Danger, especially after the failure of Wii U.

However, Switch is a great success. Everywhere, people praised the amazing customization capabilities of this odd hybrid system. You can play with this device as a handheld system or separate two joy-con and fight with your friends in the middle of the cafe or simply lie on the couch and enjoy the game on a new TV …

It is briefly the advantages that Nintendo Switch advertised to bring users. What about Nintendo Switch Lite? Rub, Nintendo Switch Lite It is simply shortened … all that is on a regular Switch and leaves only one handheld mode. Switch Lite and with heartless stripping of HD Rumble, IR Motion Camera also means games that move as if they were all on Nintendo's system (you can still experience it, of course. Just Dancefully by spending $ 80 for a pair of joy-con).

Next, you say goodbye to Labo, the assembly of cards that Nintendo has been promoting since last year if you are determined to pick one up. Switch Lite go home.

Moreover, if the joy-con problem and tabletop problem can be solved by running out to the shop and buying a pair of joy-con with a base, the issue of TV publishing is a problem … there is no solution. It is not that no lazy third party creates a dedicated video cable Switch Lite but simply because in order to save money, Nintendo cut off the video chip Switch Lite. Of course, you can also challenge your dexterity by unleashing your game console and welding a chip that looks like 3DS, but no one is free to Switch. want to do it.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Too many things were cut down from the "Nintendo Don Not Switch" machine, but amidst the negative comments, there was no shortage of people especially interested in this shortened version of Switch. So what are the reasons they expect?


Firstly, Switch Lite There is another mission with a regular Switch, a very special task: replacing the 3DS dynasty. The market for handheld games is waiting for a "new king" and Switch Lite It is the machine that is assigned the responsibility to take the position that is left open when 3DS is getting older.

If you want a handheld, why not a normal Switch? Can it also be used as a handheld device? Yes, in theory, but we also cannot ignore the Switch's current problem that it is too big and heavy (compared to other handhelds), and despite carrying a giant body So, Switch … quite weak on battery.

The battery life of the Switch is enough to last 2-3 hours if playing heavy games continuously. Not only professional gamers but even casual gamers, 2-3 hours of real gaming is still not "done", not to mention those who are constantly on the move for a short time, fully charging the battery Game console is also a problem.

Know that, so Switch Lite can extend battery life up to 20-30% (depending on the game) compared to a normal Switch, but the configuration remains unchanged.

Next is the joy-con problem, a unique thing about the Switch, but also annoying, simply from the design of removable design so sensitive users will feel uncomfortable. My grip kept shaking and not sure. The replacement of the D-pad featured by the Switch buttons Switch Lite on the contrary, you don't need to care if your friend boos that side of the hand that is more favorable, more balanced, because all of you are now all.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The "big" level of the Switch is also dissected enthusiastically as the machine is too big to make you feel tired when playing, it is not convenient to carry out on the street or simply not fit … stuffed trunk. Owning a smaller screen (5.5 inches compared to 6.2 inches), that is the advantage of Switch Lite when the device is now neat enough and carried anywhere easier (it is also lighter, now it is much less painful to hit the face when you lie down while playing.)

And of course, the most important thing when users decide to carry the device Switch Lite What is the switch and not the Switch? Of course, the price is nothing more! Do you still find it difficult to understand? The price is reduced, but with so many features being cut, people are still willing to buy Switch Lite.

In fact, the features are cut by Switch Lite It sounds good, but there are still a large number of people who have used the Switch never touched those features. The people who bought Switch just to use it as a handheld is a good example, such people never touch the output feature, they don't have much time to install a Labo or hold it. two joy-con and jumping in front of the screen, they merely bought Switch to play games between breaks, lunch breaks, going out, coffee … Some people find buying a Switch again too redundant because there are so many accessories included but there is a need to buy one more for the family (as a gift for children, for example). Switch Lite is a reasonable choice for such people. Besides, with the cheaper price of 100 USD, those who are still hesitant about upgrading the system or simply want to experience can make their determination easier.

In short, Switch is good Switch Lite All have their own strengths. If you want a full-featured experience, a traditional Switch will provide a complete experience. But if you're just looking for a heavy and portable handheld game machine, Switch Lite is a bad choice.

Nintendo Switch Lite Expected to be released on September 20 with three colors of yellow, gray and turquoise. Special edition, Zacian and Zamazenta Edition, will be released on November 8 for Pokémon fans at a constant price.

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