Nintendo Switch – Bloomberg confirms the approach of a new model?

This isn’t the first time that news like this has fallen and, at the speed of rumors spreading, it probably won’t be the last. Finally, not the last, unless Big N finally decides to formalize the new model of Nintendo Switch that fans have been clamoring for for months. However, the Pokémon Presents offered us a lesson last week: hope still exists and the rumors that are reaching us today are creeping right behind.

That’s right, this presentation from the Pokémon Company confirmed two projects that toxic Poké-monsters fans dreamed of seeing, namely the 4G remake, but above all the announcement of an original open-world. Well, she also reminded us that the hybrid is going to need a boost to make its next cartridges run (isn’t it, Chimpenfeu?) …

In short, big news for fans of rumors and theories of all kinds, Bloomberg, serious newspaper moreover, just announced that Big N plans to unveil a new console model later this year, equipped with rigid OLED screens supplied by Samsung. These 7-inch screens (against 6.2 on the standard model) should be put into production in June and the Korean firm plans to provide one million screens / month to the factories responsible for assembly.

Nintendo Switch - Bicolore

Naturally, the newspaper provides additional information to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of such screens against others, starting with the cost. Indeed, display technologies evolving continuously, so-called “rigid” screens are much less in demand and therefore much less expensive today. If they are much less flexible than those of high-end smartphones, the panels would consume less than those already fitted to our machines and would allow a better response speed and better contrasts.

On the other hand, such changes could make existing problems even more painful. Indeed, some studios have noted the difficulties of juggling from one resolution to another depending on the screen. By going from a resolution of 720p to 4k, the jump, much more important, could pose more numerous problems. Note that the original article (in the sources) does mention pairing and not putting in a dock, a conclusion to be drawn here too?

In any case, for the time being, we have to be patient. Nintendo knows it, the firm would put a brutal brake on the insolent success of its console with the announcement of a new model. We have no choice at the moment but to do like her: wait. What do you think ? Would you prefer Big N to announce a new Nintendo Switch or a completely new console? What do you expect from the firm to the plumbers?


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