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Nintendo presents its interactive amusement park with a video clip of Charli XCX

Nintendo and Universal Studios tell us a bit more about the Super Nintendo World amusement park due to open just before the Tokyo Olympics. It will offer a life-size video game experience, including a connected bracelet to collect coins and stars.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Nintendo and Universal Studios have partnered to create an amusement park, and have announced plans to launch two more in the United States in Hollywood and Orlando. christened Super Nintendo World, the park is obviously devoted to the most popular characters from the firm & # 039; s video games. Shigeru Miyamoto personally oversees its design to offer interactive attractions faithful to the universe of the brand.

Image 1: Nintendo presents its interactive amusement park with a video clip of Charli XCX

Nintendo and Universal finally lift the veil on the Super Nintendo World with a press conference detailing the operation of the park, and a video. "We are Born to Play" is rather a music video by Galantis and Charli XCX which gives a taste of the park. After a promotional introduction for the Switch, the dancers are finally projected into the colorful world of Mario and Luigi. Small disappointment, you will not see any image of the park, but only a decor in computer graphics. Nothing very surprising when you think about it, the park is still under construction.

Nintendo Switch: a Mario & Luigi in preparation?

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Super Nintendo World Park: the plan of the amusement park on the run?

Nintendo promises life-size gaming experience

The clip nevertheless confirms Nintendo & # 039; s announcements, the park will offer a video game experience in real life. Visitors will be provided with connected bracelets in the colors of emblematic characters from Nintendo games. Matched with mobile app, they will collect coins, stars and badges scattered all over the park. To retrieve it, visitors will have to explore it and meet the challenges of the various attractions. Unfortunately, we will have to wait to learn a little more, especially about theMario Kart attraction that we can & # 039; t wait to discover.

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