Nintendo offers free Super Switch and Game Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo offers free Super Switch and Game Super Mario Maker 2

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Nintendo has had a very toxic marketing campaign: giving away the Switch and game for free Super Mario Maker 2 for customers of Southwest Airlines.

Perhaps no one believes that I will board a flight and get a free gaming machine, but that's exactly what happened on Southwest Airlines' flight from Dallas to San Diego, where Each passenger is surprised and delighted with the gift received: A Nintendo Switch with the game Super Mario Maker 2.

As it turned out, the airline partnered with Nintendo manufacturer in a lobby game Nintendo Gaming Lounge on the occasion of San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), in which the winner would be lucky to have a Nintendo Switch. and games Super Mario Maker 2. The problem is that not everyone waits at Nintendo Gaming Lounge to the SDCC, so Nintendo and Southwest Airline decided to splash money like garbage and donated the Nintendo Switch to everyone on the flight.

Of course not everyone on this flight is going to SDCC, but even if you don't play games, will you refuse a free game console? Moreover, Southwest also creates a special stage in Super Mario Maker 2 for everyone to experience.

This is a great marketing tactic from Nintendo, and many people have expressed their joy through their Tweet.

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