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Nintendo has released a new Switch, but it is still not Switch Pro

After the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite last week, Nintendo also revealed that there will be a slight upgrade to replace the original Nintendo Switch this fall in the form of a higher battery life. True to what the company revealed, Nintendo officially released a version of the battery life better than the original Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has released a new Switch, but it is still not Switch Pro - Photo 1.

The original Nintendo Switch offered about 2.5 to 6.5 hours of Nintendo play. But with the new Nintendo Switch version, gaming battery life will increase significantly with the ability to provide about 4.5 to 9 hours of continuous play, even the battery life of this upgraded version is more impressive. Nintendo Switch Lite. The new Nintendo Switch version will cost about $ 300 (equivalent to nearly 7 million VND). According to Nintendo's product page, this upgraded version will officially go on sale in mid-August and will completely replace the original Nintendo Switch.

This is not a completely new Switch in the same way as Nintendo Switch Lite, instead replacing the original Nintendo Switch (to increase battery life). However, the battery life of up to 9 hours depends on what game players are playing, because a game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild consumes Battery at a much faster rate than other games. According to Nintendo, the original Nintendo Switch can play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for 3 consecutive hours and the new Nintendo Switch can play 5 and a half hours continuously. In addition, factors such as screen brightness and function also play a role in how much battery life is consumed.

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This new upgrade version will be exactly the same as the original Nintendo Switch, can use the Joy-Con controller and connect to the charging dock to export images to the TV. However, it is important to note that this is not a Nintendo Switch Pro that some gamers and fans expect in the last time. The Nintendo Switch version only upgraded battery life, not upgrading hardware to make gaming better. Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser announced that no significant upgrades were made to the Nintendo Switch in the same way that Sony released the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Nintendo has released a new Switch, but it is still not Switch Pro - Photo 3.

That means gamers who want to play longer on this handheld game console can buy a new Nintendo Switch version, and gamers hoping for Nintendo Switch Pro will have to wait more. Nintendo Switch did not advertise itself as a graphics-intensive gaming machine, similar to previous generations of Nintendo gaming consoles. Although the PS4 Pro offers a higher resolution than the original, as well as improved performance, the Switch may not target similar objectives, but a Nintendo Switch Pro may instead use it. more powerful microprocessor to help load time or extend battery life.

The question now is whether this appearance has a longer battery life that will interest consumers and buy Nintendo Switch Lite again? In a few months, it's up to each release version and we'll know the answers soon.

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