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Nintendo claims $ 47 million from Japanese developer for patent infringement


Nintendo is suing developer Colopl of the free-to-play game White Cat Project. The Japanese firm accuses him of having committed 5 violations of different patents and is claiming $ 47 million in compensation.

Nintendo has always been known to be particularly intransigent when it comes to its intellectual property. The Japanese video game giant does not hesitate to shut down emulation sites or end porting made by fans. In 2018, Nintendo started a lawsuit against White Cat Project developer Colopl. It is a free-to-play game on iOS and Android released in 2014. It is also exclusively accessible by Japanese players.

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Nintendo claimed two years ago that Colopl had copied a patented control system. The developer therefore made some changes, but still refuses to admit having committed patent infringement. Who is right ?

Colopl continues to claim that no patent infringements have been committed

Right now, Nintendo is claiming the staggering sum of 4.95 billion yen, or nearly $ 47 million, damages. He claimed that this is due to the accumulation of administrative costs in recent years as the case drags on. According to Nintendo, Colopl would have copied the technology that makes it possible to operate a virtual joystick on a touch screen.

At this time, we cannot tell if this is indeed a patent infringement on Colopl’s part or if it is simply paranoia taken to the extreme on Nintendo’s part. Anyway, justice has still not decided. She has not yet sided with Nintendo, which proves the complexity of the situation.

Nintendo does not hesitate to sue companies, but we must not forget that it too is singled out. Indeed, several class actions have been initiated against the Japanese firm because of the Joy-Con Drift. Recently, a 9 year old child and his mother asked for $ 5,000,000 in damages for that famous Joy-Con Drift. Moreover, it seems that the new DualSense controller of the PlayStation 5 also suffers from the problem of drift.

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