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Ninja returns to Twitch, signing exclusive contracts and finding new content

It’s been a year since Ninja left Twitch for Mixer. Now that Mixer ceases to exist, this famous streamer has returned to the largest streaming platform, Twitch. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins confirmed he signed an exclusive contract with Twitch. The boy started to officially stream on Twitch from September 10.

The first stream marked Ninja’s return under his new Twitch contract began on September 10. Ninja previously streamed a bit on Twitch in August. During the press conference, the streamer representative confirmed that Ninja had signed a multi-year exclusive contract with Twitch.

“In the coming future, I will focus on bringing inattentive creators to the feature. I want to work with Twitch to demonstrate how big of an impact this amazing gaming community can make. ”

Ninja used to stream many FPS and multiplayer games, but he was most famous for playing Fortnite of Epic Games and started crossovers with other celebrities.

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