Nine to Five shooting game is free, invite you to open fire on Xuan with your teammates

Nine to Five is a first-person strategy shooter game set in the near future, where large corporations no longer hesitate to dirty their hands by hiring mercenary squads to do shady work.

Nine to Five was developed by Redhill Games, a studio founded by Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne in 2018. The game promises to stand out and be different from other tactical shooters thanks to its design. designing 3v3v3-style battles and gameplay that focuses mainly on teamwork rather than quick reflexes.

Nine to Five trial version (beta) will be open for free from 1am on 12/2/2021 until 15:00 on 15/2/2021 on Steam. You just need to access Steam HERE, then click Request Access in part Join the Nine to Five Beta Weekend To send a request to access the game. Redhill also confirmed that all gamers who requested beta access will be approved, so just press the button to submit the request.

Source PC Gamer

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