Nikki Haley: Transgender executive order 'attacks on women's rights'

Nikki Haley: Trump ‘lets us down’

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley in a recent interview with Politico has strongly criticized the actions of former President Donald Trump in connection with the intrusion into the Capitol on January 6.

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Former Ambassador Haley under Trump, in a long interview with Politico’s Tim Alberta journalist, focused on her former boss and the possibility that he might run for US president in 2024. Ms. Haley said that She does not believe Trump will be able to continue racing for the White House after the turmoil at the Capitol on January 6. “I don’t think he can. So far, he has slumped“.

Ms. Haley still expressed reluctance to support Mr. Trump’s challenge to the 2020 election results. She also agreed with the former president’s America agenda, as well as the Trump administration’s tough approach to the Party. Communist China.

However, Ms. Haley said she felt angry after the Jan. 6 protests and Trump’s urging Vice President Mike Pence to oppose several states’ electoral votes during a joint congress meeting.

We need to admit he has let us down“Mrs. Haley said. “He went down a path he shouldn’t have gone and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that happen again“.

The former US ambassador to the United Nations believes Mr. Trump will see “he became more and more isolated“.

I think your business is in trouble at this point. I think you’re losing all the political capabilities you have. I think you lost your world-class social media channel. I mean, you lost the things that really guaranteed you to keep going“Mrs. Haley said.

Ms. Haley also said that the fact that Mr. Trump asked Mr. Pence to oppose the electoral result made her angry.

Mike has been nothing but loyalty to that man. He was nothing but a good friend of that man. … I am very disappointed with the fact that in spite of that loyalty and friendship, that he [Trump] Do that to him again [Pence]. I disgust with [cách hành xử đó]“Mrs. Haley said.

Haley’s comments on Politico are her strongest statements against the former president since the turmoil at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

However, Ms. Haley also admitted that the former president still received the love and support of the majority of Republicans. She also said that the second impeachment of Mr. Trump taking place in the Senate was a futile attempt by the Democrats.

According to The Epoch Times, Trump’s Save America PAC has not responded when asked to comment on Haley’s latest statements.

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